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amazing :0 even if i had to re-start everything, it was worth it.

the dynamic is one of my favorite dynamics!!! over all, you did an amazing game just under 24 hours!! woo!!


All the endings were so nice. The characters are really cute too.

I gotta say, it took me 10 minutes to actually be able to try and get the 6th ending, because I kept missing and had to re-start everything again. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT <3. I almost jumped out of the chair. I loved it so much :,)

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This was really good! But my god was it awkward for poor Agent Nice/Hubert and by extension me. I love Doctor Meowphan (wonderful name) or V's personality and I can see how great the dynamic between them is! I'm just battered and bruised in my pride when I kept getting Ending 1 and 3 whenever I tried replaying I resorted to using the walkthrough.... Great game though! I also like how V has cat ears and nobody explains it at all.


Damnn, this is soo good.

Such a lovely dynamic, never expect someone would make a game about this kind of relationship in  such a charming way.

I can't believe that you make this in only 24 hours, with such an appealing pixel art and not to mention... coding. I love your choice of music too. And their banter, just so enjoyable and fit their characters well.

By and large, I love it, thank you <3

Nice ending is great. I love V's design and the pixel animations. I got 5/6 endings not sure if anyone found them all.

That was so cute! Really well made and every aspect of it was so good!

omg lmfao that was so cute

the last line killed me... 💘


one of the best games i have played and what makes it even more impressive is that it was made under 24 hours that's amazing you're very talented and should make more games i absolutely love this game   

I just got ending 5 and i burst out laughing with V's comment on his name

aww i always love the humour in these! :D


This game was hilarious! I found out about it when I saw the video Hatoge released on YouTube of him making the game, and when I was notified of its release. For a game that was made in under 24 hours, it was AMAZING! The art was fantastic, as is the case with every game Hatoge has been involved with, and the dialogue between Hubert and V was both engaging and funny. Even though I liked the sixth ending, I definitely liked the second ending the most, just because of how ridiculous it was! I hope that Hubert and V will appear in other games, even if as just cameos, especially V. He was perfect as the villain you couldn't help but love.


Thank you so much :D Maybe I should draw corruption arc hubert some time haha I'm not sure how well V can work as a cameo, given that he is a catboy, but we'll see :')

Awesome <3


Super cute! Fun concept, with fantastic art and cute conversation.  Its a neat little game, and is especially impressive considering it was made in only 24 hours.

I really liked both characters, the designs were great and the characterization was really good, especially given how short the game was. I could have read their banter for a long time, lol. I also really loved the little sprites, and felt they added a lot to the mood of the game. Really great work overall!

Aw, thank you so much! 


cute designs



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i'm not very good in english but how little i could understand i really reallyyyyyyyyy REALLYYYY love it. Super cute game, I wish see more about this guys :D



This was a super cute game. I really liked the designs of the characters.






THIS GAME IS SO PRETTY!! Nice work <3 you can also check mine if you want...

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this game was so enjoyable, tbh it brightened my day LOL. been playing it over and over to try to get all the endings. you really pulled off the unique concept, overall amazing game and art especially given the time constraints (i watched the yt vid lol) !! :D

Aw, thank you! :D


Super cute and enjoyable game! I really love the designs and the sprites. I couldn't get all the endings but I'll play around with it some more later. The video explaining the process was really interesting too. I noticed some typos  (understandable given the time constraint!) but they didn't detract from the story.

thank you very much! I'm honestly surprised there aren't more typos, so I'm glad it's just a few haha (I'm also not a native speaker so some things I don't catch even at my best abilities) I added a walkthrough to the game page now, in case you want to save yourself some time :D

OMG ENDING 6 WAS SO GOOD! Thanks for adding the walkthrough. Also, that makes the script even more impressive.

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i spat my drink out at the "and i am really good in bed" that cought me off guard  0-0 

the game was fun and adorable ^-^ 10/10 would play over and over non stop 


haha yeah, I think at this point I just wrote whatever my brain could manage :'D Thank you!


well it was a very lovely game :D


Love the game :D


Thank you! :D


I love V!


I got all the endings but the 6th :'), I also love V's personality 


Thank youu ! Might make a guide these days so people can check which option leads to which ending :D


pls do!! <3

guide is up now :3


I'm still lucky, just checked my email and saw you made a new game

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I gasped when I saw this on my feed. It's so cute! I can't believe you made this in only 24 hours. You are truly amazing!

I've only been able to get ending 1 and ending 6. I really loved ending 6, it was super sweet. <3
I love V, he has such a cute design and I like his personality too. Hubert is also a cutie. Why are all your characters so cute? 

I voted BL on the twitter poll btw. I'm glad it won haha. xD

It was really interesting to watch the video and see your process too! I really like your vtuber design as well. :)

Great job!

(That comment was longer than I expected, sorry haha...)


Oh my god, I thought the title said Boyfriends at first but it's Boyfiends haha. That's so clever. xD


Aw thank you so much!! Honestly, ending 6 is the most interesting anyway haha