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This is a really important game. I hope more people play it.

Im kind of confused


I really like your games and your art style when are you coming out with a new game

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This is really impressive. It's crazy how just a few little sentence put so much effect on me. Really great game!


Sheesh~ another good game came out


It's always hard to deal with this kind of topics in games without being disrespectful, taking it too lightly or making it too grim but, I think this game did it in spectacular fashion, I think the O2A2 rules worked really well, the game doesn't feel constrained or repetitive at all and it even has an abundance of endings without feeling too repetitive.

The artwork, the little wobbly animated effect and the music really set the mood for what is gonna be a sad yet necessary introspection into human interaction and how we can solve our problems and correct our mistakes. Definitely one of those games where less just happens to be more.

Keep up the good work!


such a cool game whattttttttt


"This is all just a bad dream.
And part of you is hoping you'd never wake up."
hatoge is a genius




The artwork drew me in and I'm glad I gave this a try. :) Well-crafted and emotional. Will definitely check out more of your stuff! <3


Very powerful storytelling, subtle yet emotional and mature. You are a master of your craft!


It's really impressive in all its aspects!
And with the little time you had it wasn't easy at all to deliver a game, albeit a good one, and here you are! I really liked your entry Hatoge!


To be able to tackle mature themes is admirable. Even more so with the time crunch. Good job.

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This was amazing! I can't believe you made it in 20 hours! It's so atmospheric and immersive. I'm definitely taking notes from this for my next VN.


I was thoroughly impressed by this and then EVEN MORE SO when I found out you made it as a last minute entry!? so so so so good! I have yet to get all the endings but I will definitely be replaying to try and get them all.

I really enjoyed the writing and story and the visuals are incredible! I love the textures and movement it adds so much I want to EAT IT ῍̻̩✧(´͈ ૢᐜ `͈ૢ)˖῍̻̩

Really great usage of the limitations presented through O2A2, amazing job!


omg i had noticed that u posted a new game and i love all your artwork and designs !!!


This is a very good game! I love the "wiggling" effects, and the dialogue is very real. The art is lovely. My only issue is that there is no way to skip previously-seen dialogue, which makes getting all the endings a bit of a drag, especially because of the slow pace of the game.


i was so excited when I got a notification that you released a new game, and it did not disappoint! i always love the mature, real themes in your games and the way they're executed! 


I love your game. Some choices make me, the player, feel hopeful, some make me nervous, and a lot make me sad and sorrowful. I'm happy you showed the roller coasters those relationships are. Thanks for your game