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CONTENT WARNING This game contains blood, gore, flashing images and themes of cannibalism


Aiden is a young university student, with a big crush on his friend Dan, who happens to come over for a movie night. While preparing for the evening, Aiden stumbles upon a spirit board, left by someone in the garbage. As a joke, Aiden decides to bring the spirit board with him, not knowing what else he just invited into his apartment.


Reouija Sleepover is the 2022 remake of Ouija Sleepover, a 2020 jam game.

The game has been completely revamped; new art, new dialogue, new scenes,  new CGs and 2 new endings.  The main endings have also been extended.


Playtime: 1,5 - 2 hours

Endings: 2 main endings + 3 bad endings 

Cgs: 6 Cgs (3 tied to endings, the other 3 are throughout the story)

Author: Hatoge 

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If you get stuck in the game, please consult the walkthrough. It is already included in every download, but you can also download it again from this page.

If you encounter a bug, please let me know! The game will still be updated quite a bit within the next few days though, so keep that in mind :)

This game was submitted to the Trans Representation Jam 22


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
TagsBoys' Love, Gay, Gore, Horror, LGBT, Pixel Art, Queer, Remake, RPG Maker, Transgender


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I think I found a bug, but I totally emulated on android so idk. Referencing the walktrough I can't get through the 'room beyond 1' as its called, even though I have the quarters. It also seemed like as the played character switched to dan it started walking faster that might be a bug with the emulator that I maybe saw it in some other games I couldn't tell because it's actually kinda useful. Speed and all that. 

I must say though that it's been absolutely artful I was legitimately looking forward to finishing the game and seeing everything. And I still hope I can even if I have to play on my desktop. Top teir. So cute. Kinda pretty spooky. Grotesque in a way that I love and Is real sad. 

God writing this rant really has me wanting to finish it, thanks for an amazing experience.

Have you picked up the rust remover from the bath room?

I could have sworn i had interacted with the cabinet so many times, Sorry yeah I just needed that.


THIS WAS AWESOMMEE!! I got the 'True Ending' but to be honest.. I definitely cried out of frustration when I didn't get the running scenes correctly, I'm glad I still played! I loved it so much and I 100% recommend playing this game:)


THIS WAS GREAT! Please put it on steam so I can rate it again and make more friends play it. Seeing gay horror is hard but trans dudes in horror are little to none. Not to mention I really love the art style and story.


some spoilers start in a couple paragraphs, so watch out

this was a really nice game, no other way to put it, the setting change from the first part to the second part was jarring, but not jarring enough to take me out of the experience

the story was very nicely put together as the game went on, from us not knowing much about how we got to this world, but slowly figuring everything out

the twist with linda definitely got me, and added very nice tension, however the first chase with her does feel a bit too long, especially considering you need to rely on a random teleport to even complete it (at least from the several attempts i had to do for it)

i was originally gonna say that the ouija board itself was a bit underplayed, until i realized that at the option to burn the board or not was basically skipped over for me, as the game registered a spacebar press effectively one frame after the option appeared, and i just thought you burning it was scripted

the gore and deaths, while not at all the goriest things i've seen, are very scary and gruesome in the context they're presented in, and makes all the bad endings feel so much worse

the timed events were fun and stressful, especially as someone who's played a lot of metroid and mario & luigi superstar saga (which also has a timed escape sequence for whatever reason)

the true ending was very heartwarming, and i got very flustered when dan said he wanted to protect his cute boyfriend

nitpicks/problems (mostly just stuff i found funny and not actually bad)

i think the animations for the characters are a bit odd, to me, everyone looks a bit lanky and the animations look rigid (however all the full screen pieces during the endings are really well done and don't look off), but i guess you can't really do much about that considering the fact it's effectively a 16 bit top down rpg

i did find the random teleporting a bit annoying sometimes, but i guess i can't really complain about it since you could just always turn it off

there were a couple glitches i found, one being that the final cutscene on the roof had a problem where the camera might move too far to the left, meaning you can't see anything except aiden and part of the circle, and one glitch where after a cutscene, your speed becomes very high, and it made the final linda chase really funny

but overall, this was a really great game, and i'd love to see these guys again some time :3

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I didn't notice there's a remake. I thought it was the same before but when I played the original and come back, I just noticed it seems different. Anyway, I like both versions. Linda's jumpscare scared me (newspaper), it didn't happen in the original. The new endings and CGs were amazing and the fact the game doesn't force quit after you get a certain ending is good. It's much better than before if you ask me, the characters model change, i mean its like mote refined than the previous. there's different and new dialogues, and a new drawing for sprites. The bedroom changed too, did I just see the mouse pad of Sofia? 

Btw, how did they got a baby in there? For a second thought, I was thinking what if Aiden is a girl xD but perhaps because they're eating the meat.... 

Glad you still enjoyed the game! And to answer your question: Aiden is a trans man.  He was assigned female at birth and then transitioned. He is on hormone replacement therapy, but aside from that he didn't have any surgeries which would have prevented him from concieving children. It has nothing to do with the meat. (There is a myth that hrt prevents pregnancies, which can be true but commonly isn't)

Uwa, thank you for the clarification ✨

Is there a way to download on a chromebook?

Great game!

I finished it but there is one thing I cant figure out. If you check one of the shelves in Aiden's room theres a pin, but I dont know the password and what it does. Now i cant stop wondering

In the original game there was a reoccuring bug that I never figured out how to fix, where some players wouldnt be able to reach some of the random places. The shelf existed for those players to "cheat" teleport. I left it there, just in case this bug happens again, but so far that doesn't seem to be the case. I might remove it, when I get around to finish fixing the current bugs and releasing a new version :)


This was super awesome!! I had fun, got scared, and the ending was super heartwarming! I played it on stream - both I and my viewers loved it a lot! The art was lovely as always, too.

I ran into a couple glitches, with accidentally pausing the game during certain scenes like the bathroom-trap would break it a little, and there were a couple typos, but honestly it doesn't change how much I love this game! Please keep up the great work, Hatoge! 

I know the VOD won't last forever, but here's a link to it anyways if you'd like to see!


Fantastic game, haven't finished it 100% but I'm really enjoying it and all the cool art so far ! ^^

My only concern is that I accidentally found a pretty major sequence break where if you don't go back to get the map in the bedroom, you never meet Linda but can still progress the game. It introduces weird dialogue where Linda talks without being in your party and breaks the cutscene where you meet her if you trigger it later, so you can see her twice and it gets a bit confusing if you don't know what's going on. Plus, the first bathroom is only made accessible through that cutscene so it sort of breaks the flow of things.

Other than that, I really do love this game and I think it's super cute and spooky. Super excited to finish it :))

cute men!

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kinda spoilery??

I had played the original game ages ago and liked it so I was excited for the remake and I gotta say I absolutely loved it! 

One thing that stuck with me was that (nevermind the ending you get when you don't burn the Ouija board lol) before it was frustrating trying to get away from Linda as Dan so when I saw you can get caught and it leads to THAT ending, the characterisation and new dialogue has made Linda's character way more terrifying especially for a trans person like myself. 

Someone has probably said all this in a better way but this game was amazing as always, I really enjoy your work and I love that you feature Queer people in your games like it's no big deal. 

I hope to see more soon!

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I really Enjoyed this game! The writing for the characters was perfect and make the game even more charming. The puzzles were nice, not too hard but made you think a bit. 10/10 Recommend!  Here is part one of my playthrough. 


ok. when I die in the linda chase and it switches to adien I can not move or do anything. is this a bug or did i mess up? 


Thank you for letting me know, I will look into it. But in the meantime you should be able to continue the game as long as you don't get caught, since the part you currently can't play only leads to an optional bad end anyway :)


Thank you! I did finally beat the chase part (you always give me a hard time in those, but I love it) and went on the finish the game with the other endings. I must say, I absolute loved it! the writing was suburb, especially Aiden's lines.  And THAT one ending was unexpected and is gonna stick with me! I will Link my Le'ts Play up when it goes live in a few days. Thank you for another amazing experiance!


Glad to know the rest of your playthrough wasn't hindered too much, and you still got to see the other endings! :) Please do link your video, and thank you for playing so many of my games! <3


I defiently will!  I plan on playing Sophia next. Have a great day!

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i was stuck and went to the walkthrough and i cant interact with the shelf behind aidens bed even after unlocking room 6 also if i keep going anyways i end up getting dialog from a character i havent met yet with pink hair maybe i somehow missed a cutscene? i have tried making a new save and nothing changed same glitch


kinda vague spoliers? :p

im having some trouble with the chase scene with linda :( the walkthrough is kind unclear with where im supposed to go


You need to run to different rooms until she stops chasing you :) It counts the number of maps you enter until 10


oh that makes sense lol thanks! :D


I chose not to burn the board, and after killing Linda, if you choose to go to any room that isn't Aiden's, the game crashes. I don't know if this happens in the other ending but that's just been my experience. And I didn't remember which was his room so it took me.. an embarrassing amount of time. So many chase sequences.. shudders... Apart from that though my game didn't crash once! I loved the story, and the characters. I actually squealed when they finally kissed. I loved it so much! 

almost 3 hrs of game play I finished it the game did crash once in the middle and all my loads were gone so I had to restart. A+ game i thought it was gonna be a cute short horror game but nope


holy... wow! I'll be honest, I didn't expect much going into this, just a cute, short, simple indie horror game. but my goodness this certainly blew me away! this was super well made and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. The "true end" certainly through me off guard, and the real true end is everything I could have asked for in an ending after having played that. 


I'm on MAC, please help.


If you are using a newer mac model (anything after macOS 10.15) then rpg maker mv games unfortunately won't work on it, and there is nothing I can do because it's a core problem with the engine itself :(

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this game seems really good but i cant seem to get past the movie because when im pressing enter to continue on the dialouge it freezes the whole game? i really like the concept of the game and i really want to be able to play it.

i redownloaded the game and that seemed to fix the issue

hey. i first played to original game in 2021ish and loved it. i absolutely adore this remake. i really like the alternative endings like the kitchen one. however i found a little bug. i had done the exorcism on linda and i went back into the corridor with two doors, the dan did his dialogue where he lost linda and goes to find aiden. but i already did that part. i also took a wrong turn and went in the wrong door (opps), the one that took me to the roof. But the characters never show up and i can only move the camera pov (if that makes sense). other than those little bugs the game ran smoothly. thank you very much for working so hard and i hope to see more wonderful games from you!!! :)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game despite the bugs :) Can you tell me when you downloaded the game? I tried to fix the dan bug already so I'd like to know if the bug still exists or if you played on an old version. Also was your return to the roof at the very end?

i downloaded it the day before i found the bug (when i commented). yes the roof at the very end. I made a wrong turn when i was trying to find the room and end the session with the quiji board.


And here we go!

I played the original about two years ago with much enjoyment - from the cute romance between Aiden and Dan, to the surprise reveal of the villain, and to the delightfully messed up bad endings, the whole thing was a delight - if one that had the occasional bug or minor irritation for recording purposes, such as shutting down whenever you got killed. An artistic choice I understand, but one that made recording a bit of a hassle.

As a remake, well, the new art is utterly delightful. The original was good, but this seems to be done with a much more confident sense of style, and the pink/green color palette gives it its own unique look. Generally, the rewritten dialogue is good, too.

As a remake, I didn't notice much new beyond this, plus one puzzle involving helping Dan survive that I did enjoy the addition of... as well of a deliciously screwed up Bad Ending  that I certainly don't remember from the original. Maybe I missed it - but it was hilariously evil all the same. I loved that.

Really, it comes across more as a remaster than a remake to me, polishing up some of the kinks and giving it a new coat of paint. I admit I had hoped for a bit more new, personally, but this is definitely now the definitive way to play what was already a damn fine RPGMaker horror game!


Thank you for the detailed review! I feel like most people associate a remaster, with the exact same game but in higher resolution, which is not at all what reouija is, which is why I called it a remake. But realistically, it is somewhere in between a remake and a remaster 🤔 A...remask maybe? lol  Anyway, thank you for coming back for the remask, and I'm glad you enjoyed it this time around as well! Also, if you are talking about the kitchen bad end, then yes, that was not in the original :D 

Remakes are always super cool to see. 


This is how RPGmaker horror games are supposed to be! Looks amazing, nice story with developed characters, good mechanics and a lot of real tension and not just screamers.

I only found a couple of minor issues during my run but nothing game breaking at all, the puzzles are neat, the timed aspect really puts you on your toes and the story unfold at a nice peace.

Keep the good work!


This remake version is my first time. Cute graphic style, good plot story. Time event made me panic! as much as possible i don't want to read the Walkthrough.txt hehehe :D Btw this is my gameplay, i got first time event bad ending. Wish u enjoy :)

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I wish it was a web game, i love your games tho


I'm looking into making it web, but there are a lot of plugins that I'm not sure will work in HTML. I'll let you know if I do put it in web :)


I'm curious about the 2020 version, is there a link to the first game so that I can compare how different are both versions?


ah, thank you for reminding me to post some comparison shots, I completely forgot rip And sure! Here is a link to the old one: https://hatoge.itch.io/ouija-sleepover (Password: Ouija20)

Thank you so much!


Oh sweet, I loved the original so this will be awesome!

*Spoilers and Bug Reports*

Hey, I guess I learned a thing or two about trans people this game. Didn't know that was a trans flag on top of his TV the whole time XD

Anyways there was only 1 bug that i remember occurring during my play-through. It happened on 1:35:09 of the video. Essentially, during the chase scene between Dan and Linda, there was a part where Dan manages to lose her and that scene plays again after we set Linda free. 

Not sure if this was a bug or I'm incredibly unlucky but, going into the kitchen when I first unlocked the door had the chaotic teleportation three times in a row. It made me think it was a room for chaos teleportation rather than the kitchen XD

IT LOOKS SO COOL :0 but i wanted to ask can you and how do you play in fullscreen :,D


this is a great game!! however I have not been able to save or load, so I've been having to always replay from the start every time I get a bad ending or the game doesn't let me move or interact with anything. there's been a glitch in the scene between when we knock on the bathroom door and the kitchen door opening, aiden won't move from the bathroom door and remains unable to interact with anything or move at all. its happened twice and I've had to restart over :(


Did you unzip the game folder before starting it? As for the bug, thanks for the report, I'll look into it :)


I remember when I played the original version of this game and loved it so much. Now I see the remake, and I love it just as much!! The new sprites are so pretty and I liked the bounciness in them (lol). I was able to get the different endings this time around as well, and oh my gosh did I love the cgs. There were a few spelling mistakes (like "viles" instead of "vials") but it didn't take anything away from the actual game. Incredible game from you, as usual!


Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it :D I do try to use a spellchecker, but sometimes it misses words/ I forget to use it unfortunately :'( There are many words that I only know by sound, and then I have to guess how they are spelled, and I guess vials was one of them :'D 


The meaning was still there, so it's understandable. You do an incredible job of phonetically spelling words to be honest :D


Amazing game well done


Has anyone been able to run this on Mac? I just get this message:


Do you own a newer mac? I'm afraid rpgmaker mv games only run on older mac systems. :( There is nothing I can do to help you in that case, although I am going to test a webbuild in the next few days and if it works, then I might put the game on web as well :)


That's probably it, which is too bad :( Looking forward to your future work!


this was beautiful ! i only scratched the surface so far but i hope you enjoy the vid and dont mind the voices i gave them and the corny jokes :D


So first of all - I played the first game back in '20 and loved every minute. I would love to play this remake... but I am running into a problem already.

I literally cannot put the chips in the bowl.

I can pick up the chips (in fact, I can pick up infinite bags), but I cannot in any way interact with the bowl. Nothing happens. Not even a text box if I interact with it first. I tried turning off the game, reloading a save, starting over entirely... but literally nothing happens if I approach the bowl and press an interact button.

I even deleted the game folder and re-extracted it and started the game over, but.... Nothing whatsoever. The only other thing I can interact with is the salt and pepper shakers.

It's a weird and hilarious little flaw, but I really do want to be able to play the rest. Just figured I'd let you know this.


Hello! Thank you for reporting. Do the chips not disappear after you pick them up? (asking because you say that you can pick up multiple) Also due to how rpgmaker works, you have to interact with your feet as the interaction point, so if you face towards the bowl, with the bowl being on the same level as your feet, after taking down the trash and picking up the chips, does it still not work? And if so, just to be sure, are you playing the right version for your operating system? (just to rule out the obvious answers)


Nope - the chips do not disappear. They stay, and I can just pick them up for infinity, with absolutely nothing happening when I interact with the bowl, no matter where I stand- feet at the interaction point or otherwise.  And yes, I am playing the Windows system.

Believe me, I am as bewildered as you, I have no idea how something like this could happen, but I tried every single thing I could think of.


Wait, I think I figured it out. Have you been trying to pick them up from the top? Please try picking them up from the side (facing to the left) and see if this solves it. If you try to pick them up from the top, then the necessary switch doesn't get flipped. (This is an oversight on my part and will be fixed now)


You mean the chips? I was under the impression they could only be picked up from the top due to placement of other things in the kitchen. I will try in the morning - I recorded a playthrough of the original two years ago, and definitely want to play this remake.


I uploaded a new build so now either way should work :) (after you redownload the game of course) Thanks for letting me know about this bug!

I absolutely LOVED this remake! I really enjoyed the original when I played it, so I was really excited when I saw that this game was a remake of it, and I was not disappointed! I loved how it expanded on certain aspects of the original, such as Aiden's character and the two main endings, and I loved the characters' redesigns, especially Dan's. Also, I noticed how similar the characters on the mouse pad in Aiden's bedroom look to Crow and Fio, but I'm not sure if it's them. Anyway, I really, REALLY enjoyed this game, and I'm really excited to see what other games will be part of the Trans Representation Jam.


Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it :D It is crow and fio on aiden's mousepad! In the original, I had references to a bunch of pop culture in Aiden's room so this time I put a bunch of references to my own works instead. Some yet to be released, others that haven been lost to the void and the sofia? mousepad (There are no references to Misfic/Mistrick though, since those games take place in the same universe :))

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Holy, I love it! The moment Linda suddenly appeared, I knew there's something sus about her. Dang the chase xD that is the most difficult one in your games TT it took me a while to get away from her

So cool!! I really enjoyed the original and while I haven’t play this remake yet, I sure it’s just as fun and sweet!!

How do I play it once I've downloaded it?

You need to unzip the folder (I recommend 7-zip) and then open it until you see a game.exe and then double click on that :)

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