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Excuse me, Is the game for computer or can I use it on android?

Windows Desktops only

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Reouija Sleepover was such a freakin' good game! So far, I've truly enjoyed all of your games that I've gotten a chance to play but this one really resonated with me. 

[If anyone reads this full comment, there will be some spoilers]

Not only did I like that both of the main characters were queer and that the protagonist was a trans man, but the entire story just really drew me in.
Aiden and Dan were incredibly likeable and fun characters to follow around, and the premise of Aiden finding a random Ouija board in the trash and subsequently trying to prank Dan with it was an excellent start to the horrific events that followed.
I often enjoy the idea of characters getting drawn into an alternate dimension through supernatural means, and the transition into the awful dimension in this game was very well done. 

Meeting Linda was wretched, too. 
You did an excellent job with writing her, because even before we found out about the despicable things she had done and her transphobia... she was truly annoying and by the end of the game I did honestly hate her. (It's rare that I hate fictional characters, but you did a great job of making her terrible in every single way.)
Finding out the horrible things she had done in life and her beliefs/feelings towards men - and her belief that trans men aren't men - definitely added to the bleak and tense atmosphere of the strange dimension that the main characters were stuck in. It not only brought to light why the first two bad endings happened for seemingly no reason, but it also added a sense of urgency to escape or eliminate Linda (or both.)
Plus, it added to the horror of the entire game and made the chase sequences just that much more nerve-wracking. 

I really enjoyed getting all of the endings, too.
The bad ones were so heartbreaking and emotionally jarring, but they really cemented just how horrible Aiden and Dan's situation was.
The True End was beautiful, though. It sincerely made me feel so much joy and I cheered out loud. It was so good!

(As an aside because I don't know where to put this: I loved the character designs! The colors used for each character's design were incredibly eye-catching and suited each character so much.)

Anyhow, I think it's safe to say I really loved this game.
You did a great job on it! (And I'm sorry for this novel of a comment.)


Thank you so much! And don't apologize, I love reading long comments! It makes me very happy when people resonate with my games this much 😊 Especially since I feel like a lot of people overlook reouija... it doesn't perform very well compared to my other games, but I'm still glad I remade it.


Ahaha, I'm glad that you don't mind long comments 😆 
I'm also glad you remade the original game! 
Although, I'm sincerely surprised that it doesn't perform as well as your other games. I think people are missing out. 
Even if others overlook it, I can definitely say it has joined the ranks of my favourite RPG Maker horror games!

Una palabra para este juego que me costó conseguir el final verdadero: Perfección <3

Hey what version of rpgmaker was this done in Im super curious???

MV :)

i was playing and got to the scene after dan is getting chased by linda bUt it crashed and i closed the game then lost all my progress, nothing was saved, man, i dont know if i wanna start all over-

nvm dude, i rlly can't, its a shame but i'll just watch the endings on youtube




I've ran into a bug I think! After the second chase when Aiden is told to end the session the entire game freezes when I go back to the main hall I've tried three times :(

Thank you for letting me know, I'll look into it. Were you playing in browser or did you download the game?

I'm stuck there too :( For me it's in browser.

I've been playing in browser on a chromebook (idk if that's relevant tho)

hmm, then the browser build might be too unstable to leave up :( I will take it down for now. If you still want to see the ending, you can download the game and use a cheat; you just need to play through the intro again (you can hold down enter to go through dialogue quickly) and then once you're in the other world interact with aiden's bookshelf, input: 6890 and you can skip right to both endings. Sorry for the inconvenience!

i need Aiden and Dan together man-


your art just keeps getting better and better


i reallly like this itsso good just llike ur other games


I enjoyed my time with Reouija Sleepover. The motivations of the killer and the way she treated the trans male mc due to her perceptions (Her deep hatred of men and inability to see trans men as real men. Instead seeing them as confused girls who need to be protected from the threat of masculinity) was really chilling and cool to see in a horror story. One criticism, that you can take with a grain of salt, is that the chase sequence where you play as Dan was really frustrating for me to get through, even tho i got through it eventually

I really enjoyed this when are you going to make another game


I LOVED IT. The animations, background, MUSIC, characters, History, EVERYTHING WAS JUST SO GOOD, as a trans man myself i really loved how well written this was, and the representation is perfect, the alternative ending got me with my jaw dropped to the floor and processing everything for like straight 10 minutes, the true ending got me almost crying by how cute it was, and i already knew that that girl was up to no good, i loved the game overall....i just wished there was more, as always, another good addictive game. I'm actually looking forward to checking the new browser game Your call, but haven't really had time, BUT I'LL PLAY IT SOME DAY! Thank you so much, Hatoge, hope you have a good day! :3


I identified so much with Aiden in so many details, even in personality: horror fan, unique room decoration, being a "crow" and collecting everything that shines, even the way I treat a crush and a friend is almost the same lol (but I wouldn't even be stupid to play with a Ouija, even though I'm VERY curious, I'm a chicken)

Omg at the time of the shadow on the bathroom curtain I was so afraid of a jumpscare or something, I was almost closing my eye lol I don't know why I play games like this when I'm so afraid 😭 😭

Ok who is Linda and why did she just show up out of nowhere? When she talks about turning into a man and if Dan would think she was fake I was like??? is she saying this to Aiden cuz he's trans? What a bitch!

(I noticed Linda just showing out of nowhere it was a bug so it's okay, I thought it had happened only to me haha)


But ok, i really loved this game and will be playing your others, there's simply nothing to complain about besides that bug - captivating characters, dynamics and chemistry between the couple, good horror, rich and well crafted story! ah and the art of the game is also very beautiful, i'd say perfect for me!

Despite me freaking out running from Linda, I wish the game was longer, I liked it so much...😔


holy crap??? i just finished the true ending and I'm literally crying rn. The game experience was fantastic and was the perfect level of difficulty. Also the messages of being trans and being "fake" were exceptionally well done! My love goes out to the game dev(s) for making this god damn masterpiece <3

I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!! The art and the gameplay and the characters are all just so AHHH!!! props to you for making an amazing trans character, I haven't found many games with that :D there is a maybe-bug that I found in Linda's chase where I left the roof and then the screen just went black? I'm not sure if it's just my computer or not, though, because yesterday it worked fine ://

yay,  windows version!XD
have to start all over:((


lol a luigi board-

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------------SPOILER (and bug)--------------

After the second chase of Linda Simons, when you have to go back to the room, the game won't let me control the character or open menus or anything, it was so frustrating after so many tries and so much time that I spent playing to get past that part of the game u.u

Hello, apologies for the late reply! I've been working on a new patch to fix some bugs that have been plaguing the game for a while and I was finally able to upload it today :) Unfortunately I couldn't figure out what could have caused the bug you ran into, however, there is now a way to skip straight to the ending (both main endings) by interacting with the bookshelf in Aiden's room and inputting '6890'. You will need to redownload the game and copy over your .rpgsave files (located in www>save) or alternatively replay to the part where you get to the otherworld - it should work from there. I wish I could offer a better solution but if you're still interested in experiencing the endings I hope you'll come to enjoy them anyway :)

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save files bafore chasing scenes don't work:(((
and now when Linda killed me again, my last file disappeared😭😭😭😭😭😭

After you copied over your save files?

i played web version

has anyone found the code for the locked box in aidens room? 

(awesome game btw :) )


Thank you! And it's not a locked box, it's just a way to input cheats in case the game breaks :'D If you were able to play the game to the end then you don't have to worry about it :)


i can´t play because when i open the screen its not showing properly the game :( 

It hapened with mistrick too when i downloaded but when i play through the web version works fine. I love your games! Can you make this a web version too pleaseeee? Im trans and so happy for the representation, i really wanted to play!!!

Sorry for the late reply! I was working on a new version that will let me put the game on web. It's been uploaded and the game is playable in browser now :D



This game was fantastic! The chase scenes did make me rage quite spectacularly, but aside from that, the story, the graphics, hell, even some of the twists made the game mechanics make so much sense! I just have one question though

Where can I watch the CGS after completing the game? Is there like a gallery or should I play that specific ending again to see it once more?


You're one of my favorite game devs of all time, so i was very excited to play this and not only did this live up to my expectations it might be my fave so far. [SPOILERS] As a queer trans guy myself, I really connected to Aiden and it was genius of you to combine the very real and very scary horror of terfs and how they treat us, with typical slasher/body horror which i love <3

That being said, I did notice a few bugs

  • Occasionally I got dialogue that didn't match up with the characters present. Like the conversation with Linda at the safe before she was introduced. Also the conversation Linda and Aiden triggered when opened the back corridor despite it being just Dan at that point 
  • Most of the time, Linda's sprite didn't show up when she was being killed
  • In the route where the luigi board isn't burnt, the game would often freeze when I tried going back to the bedroom, which was especially frustrating because i had to keep on replaying the final chase scene 

But otherwise great game! Keep doing whatever you're doing <3

is it possible if you tell me what plugin did u use to making the sprites extra tall? i really need it for my project, btw i really liked your game!!

Thanks! Also no plugin necessary; Just make the sprite as tall as you want and put a $ in front of the name :)

My friend and I really loved this game!  She in particular enjoyed the soundtrack and mentioned that she would like to listen to it in the background, so it is possible for the OST to be released in any manner? Thank you!!


Absolutely phenomenal game!!!! Like a few others here, the chase sequences were a bit difficult to me, but other than that... this game was amazing. I love the characters, the story, the art style, the graphics- everything! I'm a queer transmasc person myself, too, so the rep definitely adds a few points to how much I love it, but still! I loved the experience and I can't wait to play more of your games! ^^

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Okay so, I really adore this game and the characters! Fantastic! Love the gay and trans representation, as a gay trans man myself. Your games really inspire me to make my own, and I loved all of them, so thank you for that, Hatoge.

One thing about this one, though: personally, I thought the chase sequence with Dan was a bit too hard; I ended up watching the rest of the game online because I couldn't do it and got frustrated. (Skill Issue? Maybe!). Also, whenever I failed said chase, it switches back to Aiden, where you are supposed to walk down a flight of stairs - after his dialogue, though, I cannot walk or interact with the game anymore. Can't press ESC to get the menu either, so I always had to hard-restart with ALT+F4. Not too much of a problem, since I saved right before the chase, but it blocked me from seeing the Bad End there. 

EDIT: I think you're German, Hatoge, have you ever considered translating your games into German? If not, maybe I could lend a hand!


10/10 gay people tran peaopl crazze lady i shake and get scare alot




Hi! I am interested on translating this game to spanish. If you would like to hear more please contact me. It seems like a really interesting project <3

Hello! I'm planning on doing some big bug fixes soon, but after that I'd be happy to have translations :D Can you dm me on twitter? Or if you have discord, feel free to give me your account name, so I can add you 

my discord is !ndiko#1103, feel free to DM me or even tell me about any other games you'd like to be translated! I am eager to start <3


I don't know If I already have a comment here but here I go anyways lol

I played the previous version of this game and I wanted to play it again and found this masterpiece! Tho I must say my computer couldn't take it at first, but that's not the game's fault ^^

If I could say a few words abt this game then I'll say: I LOVE THIS GAME.

Gorgeous art style, cute and charismatic characters, interesting and funny story with different choices, not too difficult puzzles and nice bg music!

Note: The game is lineal so you don't need to worry to do different things for different endings, just play along :)

[WARNING] A more detailed comment will be below and it contains spoilers of the game. Just read if you don't really care!

Even If I played the previous version a long time ago I still remembered most of the story. I love how this remake has more details that makes the experience more visually pleasing. Even the intro page had another cover with special effects as well as the rest of the game. Since my computer could have exploted bc of that I turned them off but I still enjoyed the whole game!

The art style is GORGEOUS. All the characters have different reactions which make them lively and more enjoyable. All the scenes are aesthetic and beautiful well done 

I was so glad that it was added a MAP OPTION because the first time I played was so confusing even with the walkthrough doc opened next to the game. THE CHAOS BUTTON TOO. I also experienced the bug that didn't let you go to the elevator and used the code that was mentioned in a post by the creator. Tho I didn't turn them off and everything was fine, but still I felt safer with that button there lol.

Since my first play I didn't like how Linda appeared, it was so weird and I was with Aiden abt that she was some crazy girl that was gonna stab us anytime we lost her on sight... AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENED LOL. I really love how the story develops, even if we do suspect from Linda since the beginning, it's not until she says awful things to Aiden that we actually wanna throw her out of the building. All the characters haver their own moment and all of them feel important :)

The puzzles as I said before are not too difficult. The only one that almost made me kill myself was when Dan got trapped in the public bathroom. I don't remember if that was in the previous version (I think not). I've never felt so anxious in my life istg;;; But it was a great puzzle! I hated but loved it the most.

Some endings are indeed bad endings that you can face throught the whole game and there's only one choice almost at the end that gives you the two main endings, something I'm really thankful abt bc even if I love the game, I'm a lazy player that enjoys the first ending he gets. (I'm trying to change, please forgive me;;;) And I know I'm not the only one, so point for us lazy players!

Now about bugs... Idk if it was because I was running away from Linda and pressed the key so hard that the camera scene was pushed too away from the main event and I couldn't see what was happening OR it's a bug. Bc I've only played that ending once.

Apart from that, I don't remember another important bug. Maybe as others have commented there are wrong text lines but I don't know if that happened to me or I just didn't notice it.

Finally, I really loved the game and I'm always waiting for another game of this creator, thank you so much! <3 As I have said in another comment section on another game, all recognition to this creator and his games is very well deserved :)


Thank you very much! (For your Sofia? review as well, though I wanted to reply to this one more so.) I'm always happy to hear from people that have played the original game and then came back for this one. The bathroom puzzle was not in the original, but I'm glad it's (mostly) a welcome addition haha Same with the map... my beta-testers all told me that it was basically useless but at that time I had already implemented it anyway, so I just left it in. Glad to hear that it *can* be useful B-)

I will always love your games but when I play this version I met some bugs in some conversations. example opened the safe before meet Linda but have her line that make me surprise. however I love this version.

I'm aware of this bug, but I unfortunately haven't gotten around to fixing it yet. Thanks for letting me know, anyway! :)

I think I found a bug, but I totally emulated on android so idk. Referencing the walktrough I can't get through the 'room beyond 1' as its called, even though I have the quarters. It also seemed like as the played character switched to dan it started walking faster that might be a bug with the emulator that I maybe saw it in some other games I couldn't tell because it's actually kinda useful. Speed and all that. 

I must say though that it's been absolutely artful I was legitimately looking forward to finishing the game and seeing everything. And I still hope I can even if I have to play on my desktop. Top teir. So cute. Kinda pretty spooky. Grotesque in a way that I love and Is real sad. 

God writing this rant really has me wanting to finish it, thanks for an amazing experience.

Have you picked up the rust remover from the bath room?

I could have sworn i had interacted with the cabinet so many times, Sorry yeah I just needed that.


THIS WAS AWESOMMEE!! I got the 'True Ending' but to be honest.. I definitely cried out of frustration when I didn't get the running scenes correctly, I'm glad I still played! I loved it so much and I 100% recommend playing this game:)


THIS WAS GREAT! Please put it on steam so I can rate it again and make more friends play it. Seeing gay horror is hard but trans dudes in horror are little to none. Not to mention I really love the art style and story.


some spoilers start in a couple paragraphs, so watch out

this was a really nice game, no other way to put it, the setting change from the first part to the second part was jarring, but not jarring enough to take me out of the experience

the story was very nicely put together as the game went on, from us not knowing much about how we got to this world, but slowly figuring everything out

the twist with linda definitely got me, and added very nice tension, however the first chase with her does feel a bit too long, especially considering you need to rely on a random teleport to even complete it (at least from the several attempts i had to do for it)

i was originally gonna say that the ouija board itself was a bit underplayed, until i realized that at the option to burn the board or not was basically skipped over for me, as the game registered a spacebar press effectively one frame after the option appeared, and i just thought you burning it was scripted

the gore and deaths, while not at all the goriest things i've seen, are very scary and gruesome in the context they're presented in, and makes all the bad endings feel so much worse

the timed events were fun and stressful, especially as someone who's played a lot of metroid and mario & luigi superstar saga (which also has a timed escape sequence for whatever reason)

the true ending was very heartwarming, and i got very flustered when dan said he wanted to protect his cute boyfriend

nitpicks/problems (mostly just stuff i found funny and not actually bad)

i think the animations for the characters are a bit odd, to me, everyone looks a bit lanky and the animations look rigid (however all the full screen pieces during the endings are really well done and don't look off), but i guess you can't really do much about that considering the fact it's effectively a 16 bit top down rpg

i did find the random teleporting a bit annoying sometimes, but i guess i can't really complain about it since you could just always turn it off

there were a couple glitches i found, one being that the final cutscene on the roof had a problem where the camera might move too far to the left, meaning you can't see anything except aiden and part of the circle, and one glitch where after a cutscene, your speed becomes very high, and it made the final linda chase really funny

but overall, this was a really great game, and i'd love to see these guys again some time :3

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I didn't notice there's a remake. I thought it was the same before but when I played the original and come back, I just noticed it seems different. Anyway, I like both versions. Linda's jumpscare scared me (newspaper), it didn't happen in the original. The new endings and CGs were amazing and the fact the game doesn't force quit after you get a certain ending is good. It's much better than before if you ask me, the characters model change, i mean its like mote refined than the previous. there's different and new dialogues, and a new drawing for sprites. The bedroom changed too, did I just see the mouse pad of Sofia? 

Btw, how did they got a baby in there? For a second thought, I was thinking what if Aiden is a girl xD but perhaps because they're eating the meat.... 

Glad you still enjoyed the game! And to answer your question: Aiden is a trans man.  He was assigned female at birth and then transitioned. He is on hormone replacement therapy, but aside from that he didn't have any surgeries which would have prevented him from concieving children. It has nothing to do with the meat. (There is a myth that hrt prevents pregnancies, which can be true but commonly isn't)

Uwa, thank you for the clarification ✨

Is there a way to download on a chromebook?

Great game!

I finished it but there is one thing I cant figure out. If you check one of the shelves in Aiden's room theres a pin, but I dont know the password and what it does. Now i cant stop wondering

In the original game there was a reoccuring bug that I never figured out how to fix, where some players wouldnt be able to reach some of the random places. The shelf existed for those players to "cheat" teleport. I left it there, just in case this bug happens again, but so far that doesn't seem to be the case. I might remove it, when I get around to finish fixing the current bugs and releasing a new version :)


This was super awesome!! I had fun, got scared, and the ending was super heartwarming! I played it on stream - both I and my viewers loved it a lot! The art was lovely as always, too.

I ran into a couple glitches, with accidentally pausing the game during certain scenes like the bathroom-trap would break it a little, and there were a couple typos, but honestly it doesn't change how much I love this game! Please keep up the great work, Hatoge! 

I know the VOD won't last forever, but here's a link to it anyways if you'd like to see!

Fantastic game, haven't finished it 100% but I'm really enjoying it and all the cool art so far ! ^^

My only concern is that I accidentally found a pretty major sequence break where if you don't go back to get the map in the bedroom, you never meet Linda but can still progress the game. It introduces weird dialogue where Linda talks without being in your party and breaks the cutscene where you meet her if you trigger it later, so you can see her twice and it gets a bit confusing if you don't know what's going on. Plus, the first bathroom is only made accessible through that cutscene so it sort of breaks the flow of things.

Other than that, I really do love this game and I think it's super cute and spooky. Super excited to finish it :))

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