If you get stuck in the game, please download the walkthrough that you can find further down on this page.


Sofia? is a queer adventure mystery/horror game where you spent the night at your boyfriends place until you are interrupted by an unforeseen guest.

"You are different. You are special. You may just have what it takes to become a god."

Trapped in a seemingly hopeless evening, can you figure out the truth or will you remain forever in the dark?


Sofia? features

✩ 8 unique endings

✩ 50-90 minutes of gameplay

✩ 25 unique illustrations


Additionally, you can purchase the Sofia? Extended Edition for additional features such as:

✩ 2 additional unique endings (for a total of 10 endings)

✩ A bonus room with exclusive background information, an art gallery including every illustration from the game, concept art, unreleased art and an exclusive short comic (8 panels)

✩ After scenarios for 3 of the main endings featuring 2 new illustrations and a  cutscene.

[!!! Please play through the standard version of the game first to make sure it completely runs on your system. Any additional content in the extended edition can be either accessed from the main menu or requires very little replaying. Also, the extended edition is only available as a windows build. If you do not own any windows devices, please do not purchase it. Update: There is a mac build in the extended edition_win folder now, but it is not official and will not work on newer mac devices. Only purchase it, if you are very sure that rpg maker mv games run on your system. The game working in browser for you is not indicative of it working on your device after a download. I can not offer refunds, so any purchases are at your own risk.]


Content warning: This game has themes of blood, gore, murder, gun violence and torture. Please only play this game if these themes do not deeply upset you.


Author: Hatoge



Software: RPG Maker MV

Development time: May 2021-September 2021 (on and off)

This game has been developed for Windows and intended for ages 17 and up.

Mac and Linux builds are available, but I can't test them, so I can't guarantee that they will work. If they do not, please play the browser version. 


For content creators: 

You are free to record/stream and share content about the downloaded standard windows version of this game. DO NOT stream or record the extended edition, the browser version or the mac and linux builds. Also, you must include the credits at least once, without fast forwarding them or include part of the credit.txt (mainly the music part) in your description. 

If you are interested in translating the game, you can leave a comment on this page with means of contacting you, or dm me on twitter (@Hatoge_). 


Update: Previous bug for browser gameplay has been fixed. If you got an error message before, please replay the game or else it will show up again. The recommended way to play this game is by downloading the windows build and play it on a windows device, so please do so if you can, as some cutscenes do not work too well in browser and I can't test the mac and linux builds.

If you encounter a bug please read the debug.txt included in the windows builds (+ available for download if you are playing the web version or other builds) and contact me if your bug isn't listed. (E-mail: hatogegames@gmail.com or via twitter DMs @Hatoge_)

Also if you purchased the extended edition and are softlocked (cannot continue the game due to a bug) please e-mail me so I can figure out a way to refund you. (hatogegames@gmail.com) 

Updated 14 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(533 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
TagsGay, Horror, LGBTQIA, Mystery, Pixel Art, Queer, RPG Maker, Transgender


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credits.txt 859 bytes
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This game was so fun to play, i had played long ago and wanted to share my gameplay for others to see.

Pandemic hit a little different


absolutely one of the best RPG games I've played so far. great one to start out with if you like mysteries and thrillers


Definitely my new favorite rpg game


How the heck do you do Climax Ending #8? I can't interact with him after unlocking the drawer because he's always poof

so uh, he's there and I got every other ending than the last one, AND I CCAN'T INTERACT WITH HIM-

why was this so great ? Also idk what i did to get this specific ending but i'm glad i got a good one


Lowkey freaked out when I realized that Crow was the name of the character I was playing... Crow is my name as well-

good game


this is one of the best games ive ever played holy shit. and im in love with both crow and fio they have an iron grip on my heart after only an hour.

incredible work <3

I absolutely love your game and would like to build Fio's home in minecraft. If you can give me permission I would love to build it and show you it 

of course! I'd love to see it, when you're done :3 Feel free to tag me on twitter @Hatoge_ if you have an account

I just finished it up!! If I can get a way to PM you details on how to join then I will


Hi! I just want to ask if there is a way to prevent Fio from getting shot so i could get to see the 5th ending? I’ve tried lots of times but i still couldnt save him

you need to play games with fio everytime and open the drawer! thats how i managed it


No puedo jugarlo, no se me descarga :C

This game is really amazing! The art is simply gorgeous and the story is very complicated and interesting. I loved the characters and many of the endings were heart wrenching so I was happy to see a bit more wholesomeness in the extended edition. My only criticism would be that the story can be extremely confusing at times. The first time I played it through I have to say I had no idea what was going on, I believe i got ending 4. It was only until I played it again later that i started to understand more. (spoilers) I honestly don't exactly understand the toxic atmosphere thing in ending 4? It doesn't appear in any of the other endings so it almost felt thrown in there. The amount of information and things about the experiment you have to figure out can be really overwhelming. I think I would've appreciated an in depth explanation in the bonus room to make sure I understand correctly. But overall it's a really well made game and I appreciate the amount of effort that was put into making this and how clever it is.

Thank you for your kind words ! The game is not supposed to make a whole lot of sense until the player collects multiple endings, but I understand how this can be off putting, especially to players who aren't interested in collecting multiple endings. I probably wouldn't go about designing a game this way today, but it was definitely an interesting experiment at the time. I don't really like to explain the endings, but I will say that a lot more time has passed in that ending, compared to any of the others.


I just finished playing this game and holy shit. It was amazing! It was enjoyable, and definitely got me on the edge of my seat! I even started going a little "hysterical" with the deja vu LOL. A concept I don't see often! Which is fantastic!

I started getting emotionally attached to Fio and Crow and started crying over the ending I got ha-ha! This is good because that means the characters are likable.

Im an artist and will defiantly draw art of those two, I love them! <3

Overall great game, I love the art, concept, and just everything! It did super well on keeping me entertained and scaring me- giving me that paranoid feeling.

Well done, Hatoge.

Hello i am current very stuck on one part! if anyone could help i would appreciate it but it is the little drawing on the mirror. thanks to anyone who can help-

There is a walkthrough you can download from the main page :)

thanks man! I already got it tho- -,- i should have posted that as soon as i got it lol

(1 edit)

Bro looked unintrested lol


What the fuck im mind blown this was really scary and cool and confusing and im just Woah. Dont even know what to say


This was really well made though, and the art style is amazing and fits the vibe perfectly. The whole dejavu concept is super original and just in general a really refreshing game to see! Although I do think you wouldn't be able to complete this without a walkthrough, as the water bucket thing was really confusing. (unless you wanna spend minutes roaming around) ^__^ Thanks for sharing, I'm really impressed!


Enjoyed the game a lot! Haven't been able to get all of the endings yet... don't really have the time to. but, nevertheless, I will hopefully be able to play some more another time.

can we have a version playable on mobile? (⁠•⁠ ⁠▽⁠ ⁠•⁠;⁠)


porting this to mobile is unfortunately not within my resources at this time. Have you tried playing it in browser on your phone? This is the only way I could currently think of

Yayyy I finally got the good ending


Treach me how to make this kind of game

look up rpgmaker tutorials online

I enjoyed the game very much :D but can anyone tell me about the white room pass? i clearly forgot it, I'm so bad at remembering stuff and rest assured i did complete the game 

It was 20082020

I'm helping out because I'm bored and trying to figure out how to get different endings /lh

Thank you very much :D


this was fun


Wow, This game blew me away! I was not expecting a lot of it and it hit in in my feels. Fio and Crow are precious boys and I wanna hug them both! Thank you for another fantastic creepy game!
(1 edit)

fio is so cute :D

so you can just fall back asleep during the 2nd dream and win

theres no way thats just it im replayin

ive had to restart like 10 times because i pressed the "submission to Bundle" thing on accident and didn't save

game rất hay, có điiều tui ko biết tiếng anh nên hơi logic khi chơi


I decided to try this game cause I noticed it after a little while of browsing and thought it might be fun to try.

Overall, it was a really enjoyable experience. Different a bit to what I normally play and definitely was quite an experience

playing on browser btw


when i get to the room where i have to check under the bed right after i get shot it says 

Good game i loved it. ive only gotten 1 ending so far

the enter button for the game is not  working it works on the other games but not this one 

hit the space bar



I didn't realise this game had some violence and gore stuff inside.. i was just looking for a pixel queer game and saw this.. i liked the designings and arts so i wanted to keep playing and bam!! I finished it :) It was a huge plot-twist for me, i don't like stories like this but what can i say.. Its well-made tho!!


I had a really great time experiencing this game, and it was amazing. Kinda confusing but I got out of the nightmare lmao haha..

plz plz plzzzz make the extended for mac users also the game was so good!! <3

I can't release an official mac build, since rpg maker mv games do not work on newer mac devices, and I don't want people who didn't read the description to blindly purchase the mac version, without realizing that it won't work on their device. But since I don't want to punish people using older macs who could actually run the game, I have now put a mac build into the extendededition_win folder, so if you are sure that the game will run on your system you can purchase the window version, and it will include a mac build. (It's part of the win folder, so people need to actually read my warnings in the description or this comment to know that it's also the mac build :')) Also, thank you!

Thank you!!!


Excellent game, every work of this author is super~



So, I played through this game multiple times, but I don't get the story. I'm probably just being a moron, but can someone explain it to me? I'm so confused😞


I have all the endings analyzed and have a theory with the story and im more tham happy to share them with you :)

I would appreciate that very much! thank you😊

Hi is there any way you can share your thoughts on the story with me as well?





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