Please download the game, if you have a windows device as some scenes may not load correctly in broswer. If you are unsure on how to continue in the game, there is a spoiler-free walthrough that you can download from this page. 


Sofia? is a queer adventure mystery/horror game where you spent the night at your boyfriends place until you are interrupted by an unforeseen guest.

"You are different. You are special. You may just have what it takes to become a god."

Trapped in a seemingly hopeless evening, can you figure out the truth or will you remain forever in the dark?


Sofia? features

✩ 8 unique endings

✩ 50-90 minutes of gameplay

✩ 25 unique illustrations


Additionally, you can purchase the Sofia? Extended Edition for additional features such as:

✩ 2 additional unique endings (for a total of 10 endings)

✩ A bonus room with exclusive background information, an art gallery including every illustration from the game, concept art, unreleased art and an exclusive short comic (8 panels)

✩ After scenarios for 3 of the main endings featuring 2 new illustrations and a  cutscene.

[!!! Please play through the standard version of the game first to make sure it completely runs on your system. Any additional content in the extended edition can be either accessed from the main menu or requires very little replaying. Also, the extended edition is only available as a windows build. If you do not own any windows devices, please do not purchase it. Update: There is a mac build in the extended edition_win folder now, but it is not official and will not work on newer mac devices. Only purchase it, if you are very sure that rpg maker mv games run on your system. The game working in browser for you is not indicative of it working on your device after a download. I can not offer refunds, so any purchases are at your own risk.]


Content warning: This game has themes of blood, gore, murder, gun violence and torture. Please only play this game if these themes do not deeply upset you.


Author: Hatoge

BlueSkyYouTube | Tumblr

Software: RPG Maker MV

Development time: May 2021-September 2021 (on and off)

This game has been developed for Windows and intended for ages 17 and up.

Mac and Linux builds are available, but I can't test them, so I can't guarantee that they will work. If they do not, please play the browser version. 

Also please be aware that this game is not supported on any MAC device running macOS Big Sur 11.0 or versions following afterwards. This is due to changes that were made to the OS that disable RPG Maker MV from properly running, and therefore disable any games made in the engine as well.


For content creators: 

You are free to record/stream and share content about the downloaded standard windows version of this game. DO NOT stream or record the extended edition, the browser version or the mac and linux builds. Also, you must include the credits at least once, without fast forwarding them or include part of the credit.txt (mainly the music part) in your description. 


Update: Previous bug for browser gameplay has been fixed. If you got an error message before, please replay the game or else it will show up again. The recommended way to play this game is by downloading the windows build and play it on a windows device, so please do so if you can, as some cutscenes do not work too well in browser and I can't test the mac and linux builds.

If you encounter a bug please read the debug.txt included in the windows builds (+ available for download if you are playing the web version or other builds) and contact me if your bug isn't listed. (E-mail: or via twitter DMs @Hatoge_)

Also if you purchased the extended edition and are softlocked (cannot continue the game due to a bug) please e-mail me so I can figure out a way to refund you. ( 

Updated 10 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(749 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
TagsGay, Horror, LGBTQIA, Mystery, Pixel Art, Queer, RPG Maker, Transgender


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really adore the art and the design of everything !! hope to see more of ur work <3

(not sure if this is a spoiler for other people !)

and also just a small guide thingy or a whole walkthrough for those who get stuck at some parts of the game ! (i think some other people have already done this, but i'll just put this here since i do want to help too. sorry if i had written some of the stuff incorrectly, i've just typed all of this by memory of my playthrough of the game, and i am not entirely sure if there are other more endings to this, so truly sorry if this guide wasn't the one u were looking for !) at the start of the game are the controls so i don't really need to explain, to wait in the living room too is just to try and talk with fio in the kitchen, then u will have the option to wait at the dining table. to sleep through the night, fio will go on with several dialogues. and to unlock the door near the upstairs bathroom contains a code for the padlock, to get the code u would need a flashlight which is in the drawer beside the entrance of the door, the batteries for it is in the living room's drawer. after that u could now check through the bookshelf in the living room which leaves u with an author(?) named marilyn. the other books that are also written with the name 'marilyn or marilyn tina johnson' are in the drawer upstairs beside the closet, it reads a date, (1928-1989) u would need the code 1989 for the padlock to unlock the door, though it would lead u to dying of a reason for reading a note once u get out of the room, there would be a scenery through every night with fio too. to get through the door near the couch in the living room needs a key, in the upstairs room unlocked with a padlock, read the note once again and go through the closet, it will let u obtain a key for the door, check the mirror and turn on the lightswitch, a blood stained on the floor will show u a code through fio's drawer too, which reads as 'A 1702'  the pincode for fio's phone is also '2310' to answer the call. a present would show downstairs, and release gas. and it should take u to another scene, it is just as like as a loop. once fio is asleep again there would supposedly be another present, to open it up u will need to check into the mirror again to see a piece of note which requires the lights turned off for the note to complete. take a bucket from the upstairs bathroom, and use the faucet to fill up the garbage bin then put in the present, then u would obtain a key for the door upstairs near fio's room, take the folder and go to the room downstairs where the mirror is and turn on the light switch to read, at the last page of the folder u will see 'B 017' the code 'A 1702' and 'B 017' will be the code for fio's drawer, not sure if the cloth will do anything, but it is optional to take it. descend from the basement(?) under the carpet and take the sd card from the second room to use the computer, and also not really sure if its needed. the keycard will also be in the cabinets beside the documents in the upper drawer, then go to the door at the end of the hall, if wanted. and i guess that should be it ?? and my sincere apologies if its all too much, and if i made any mistakes ! to those who read this though, thank u ! 'cos this took me quite a while hehe :) 

( and a pic of sofia too !! ;3 )

Are there any other endings? I don't want to see that adorable thing dead on the floor, or at all even

is there a way to  turn down the in-game sound


this game is a work of art it has a very good storyline and great charaters. this has been one of my favourites game. keep up the good work!!!


this game is SO GOOD. i love playing it sm omg.. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MAN!!


i made a gamejolt account just to say how awesome this game is! pls keep the good work up hatoge!


I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! Well in general i love the games that you make! 

THIS WAS SUCH A FUN GAME!!!!! ARE THERE MULTIPLE ENDINGS? I love the art style and story and stuf omg its so good

Thank you! There are 8 endings in the standard version and 10 in the paid extended version :)



5th Ending Supremacy!

(1 edit)

Hiiii Hatoge,is there any chance for Android Version in the future?This game looks really fancy,and I wanna play it badly😃️

(1 edit)

Hello! Thank you for your interest, but unfortunately porting games from RPGMaker Mv to mobile is quite complicated. :( Can you play the broswer version on your phone perhaps? It's not optimized for mobile play, but I think it should work on most devices regardless :)

Thx for reply.

well I tryed it on Android,and the thing is it do can play on Android but its really really lagging,I will play it once I have a PC,so I can get a best experience.😄️😄️

And I actually have a little request,I saw u have a joint game worked with Foxpancakes before,so I wanna know if u can contact him or not,I really like one of his game,so I actually wanna translate it into my language,but hell I can't find Any clue to contact him😢️,so plz let him know that.

Im really sorry to say this in ur game comment😢️😢️


pretty coo


this was such a good game, im fr gonna make this into a YouTube video

I am so saaaadddddd 


I really liked this game! I streamed it as one of my few streams and it was really fun to play, it was sweet and but pretty dark, although I enjoy games like this, if you see this Hotoge, you did an amazing job! I cant wait to stream and play more of your games!


The cutscenes arent playing on browser

My apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for the feedback! While the browser version should work in most cases, sometimes loading issues occur. There is no solution that I am aware of, but since the browser build is the only way for people on mac to play the game (and the game runs fine for most players on browser) I decided to leave it up regardless. I'll add another disclaimer at the top of the description, so hopefully more players see it and choose to download the game :)

Will there be an android version in the future? That would be awesome:)

I can't deploy to android unfortunately :( 

DO NOT play on browser as youll miss out on some stuff. Try to download if you can

love the concept and beautiful art! 10/10! :) !!

(1 edit) (+3)

THE ART MAKES MY HEART WANT TO BURST OUT OF MY CHEST, YOU DID SO WELL!!! Edit: I finished the game.... It's good but.... Fio.... WHYYYY


THIS GAME IS LITERALLY SO GOOD. the graphics, and the storyline is just absolutely amazing. I started getting into rpg's after i had played the game classmates,, and i just absolutely adored this game. it took me aa little while to actually figure out what was going on and i was just kinda running around for a little bit but still. this is def going to be one of my new fav games. 

I downloaded the game just recently, but it doesn't open and it says 'The application can't be opened'. Does anybody know how to fix this at all? :)


I got it fixed! can't wait to play it!

how did u fix

I can't quite remember how i fixed it so apologies for that, but I think I powered off my laptop and then turned it back on? or i may have deleted the download and then redownloaded it. 

(1 edit) (+2)

i love this game so much, definitely the cutest horror game ive played. the subtle hinting to crow being trans was great too,i got excited when i seen the binder under his shirt. i did have some troubles with the present on the table but after lots of clicking i got it.


I love this game. The intro cutscene is what really got me hooked. It is amazing both visually and musically. Will you release the soundtrack anywhere? Would reccomend this game.

can someone tell me how to put the pin on fio's phone? i cannot do it and it is getting on my nerves im going to cry


its 2310 hope its helps

thanks ur a lifesave

Your welcome

Story is the best thing about this game, but art is also incredibly beautiful.

Would recommend it!

Ps. I pity Sophias and Fios tho


Hi, I am stuck in night one, I interacted with everything I could, and after playing with Fio nothing happened, what do I do, this game seems like a good scare q-

cute character design and adorable artstyle, enjoyable story, not part of the lgbtq but this was cute, would reccomend playing if youre bored

Man, this game has me fucked up T-T

Credits to it for being able to have that effect on me. The amazing soundtrack certainly contributes a lot to that. Kudos to Hatoge and team for the incredible work. I've made sure to follow. :3

A word of warning for anyone else wanting to play: you won't get a full feeling of catharsis even from the perfect ending. I've played through a couple times and looked up the rest of the (non-bonus) endings, and I'm still sitting here messed up about everything. The short, vague endings just don't give enough closure to offset the horror elements.

One final question if anyone who knows sees this: why is the game tagged "Transgender"? Whatever dialog clues that in either went over my head, or I missed. :(

I will definitely be buying the extended edition once I have the money :3


I've only finished one ending so far, so there may be stuff in the other endings, but so far I did notice Crow has a binder on when he looks in the mirror!

I can't imteract with the present for day three or four idk which day it is.


Hi! I'm really loving this game. All characters are so cute! And it has very unique endings. Love it.


loved how the endings differ, and very cute characters!


yk, actually my name is sofia, and seeing on the calendar at the beginning of the game the year 2010 scared me a bit, cuz it's the year when  i was born... lol





(1 edit)

what happens after fio is gone for a second time

edit: nvm

What happen??? i still dont get it

is there gonna be a second one seems like the end was cliffhangerish


Hello, I saw your game on this streamer and I wanted to drop by to tell you how much I liked the game. I really loved the good ending shown on stream without telling too many spoilers XD

(1 edit)

is the browser version the same as the downloadable version? in the cutscene (great work on that btw) after you wake up and find fio in the living room, the screen fades to black and nothing happens.

note: idk if this is a bug, but when i go to the continue option in the main menu, the first slot reads "time is solid here", there might be a bug involving that.


Is this before or after the intro video plays? Both versions are the same content vise, but the downloaded version generally performs better. Also it's not a bug per se - rpg maker games shares saveslots accross broswer versions within the same broswer. I'm assuming you had a save slot in an rpg maker game called 'time is solid' which is why it's showing up in Sofia? for you :)

(1 edit)

oh, ok thanks! it blackscreened after the video, it briefly flashed a very dark red but after that nothing else happened.


The first 4 files are reserved for autosave, you should be able to save on a file below that :)

Dose web auto save .-.

what do you do once you've picked up the present from the table? I picked it up, i saw the diagram on the mirror, and there are sparkles on the locked drawer in Fio's room...... however when I press it it says that Crow has no idea what it could be??? Love this game, help

Please refer to the walkthrough :)

Ok! Thank you :))



this game was amazing.. i love it omg i got through all 8 endings, they were all amazing.. when i found out you can kiss fio goodbye my heart MELTED the scene of crow kissing fio on the cheek before entering the room where sofia/icarus was AUDHSLAK. this game is adorable overall, fio and crows cute relationship sort of drowned out(?) the scary, and over time i got used to the jumpscares (when i was trying to get all 8 endings lol) but the first time i played bro it was 1 am and i was scared asf--

in conclusion amazing game i loved it keep up the good work <3

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