If you get stuck in the game, please download the walkthrough that you can find further down on this page.


Sofia? is a queer adventure mystery/horror game where you spent the night at your boyfriends place until you are interrupted by an unforeseen guest.

"You are different. You are special. You may just have what it takes to become a god."

Trapped in a seemingly hopeless evening, can you figure out the truth or will you remain forever in the dark?


Sofia? features

✩ 8 unique endings

✩ 50-90 minutes of gameplay

✩ 25 unique illustrations


Additionally, you can purchase the Sofia? Extended Edition for additional features such as:

✩ 2 additional unique endings (for a total of 10 endings)

✩ A bonus room with exclusive background information, an art gallery including every illustration from the game, concept art, unreleased art and an exclusive short comic (8 panels)

✩ After scenarios for 3 of the main endings featuring 2 new illustrations and a  cutscene.

[!!! Please play through the standard version of the game first to make sure it completely runs on your system. Any additional content in the extended edition can be either accessed from the main menu or requires very little replaying. Also, the extended edition is only available as a windows build. If you do not own any windows devices, please do not purchase it.]


Content warning: This game has themes of blood, gore, murder, gun violence and torture. Please only play this game if these themes do not deeply upset you.


Author: Hatoge



Software: RPG Maker MV

Development time: May 2021-September 2021 (on and off)

This game has been developed for Windows and intended for ages 17 and up.

Mac and Linux builds are available, but I can't test them, so I can't guarantee that they will work. If they do not, please play the browser version. 


For content creators: 

You are free to record/stream and share content about the downloaded standard windows version of this game. DO NOT stream or record the extended edition, the browser version or the mac and linux builds. Also, you must include the credits at least once, without fast forwarding them or include part of the credit.txt (mainly the music part) in your description. 

If you are interested in translating the game, you can leave a comment on this page with means of contacting you, or dm me on twitter (@HatogeGames). 


Update: Previous bug for browser gameplay has been fixed. If you got an error message before, please replay the game or else it will show up again. The recommended way to play this game is by downloading the windows build and play it on a windows device, so please do so if you can, as some cutscenes do not work too well in browser and I can't test the mac and linux builds.

If you encounter a bug please read the debug.txt included in the windows builds (+ available for download if you are playing the web version or other builds) and contact me if your bug isn't listed. (E-mail: hatogegames@gmail.com or via twitter DMs @HatogeGames)

Also if you purchased the extended edition and are softlocked (cannot continue the game due to a bug) please e-mail me so I can figure out a way to refund you. (hatogegames@gmail.com) 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withRPG Maker
TagsGay, Horror, LGBTQIA, Mystery, Pixel Art, Queer, RPG Maker, Transgender


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Sofia_WIN.zip 257 MB
Sofia_LINUX.zip 298 MB
Sofia_MAC.zip 387 MB
Walkthrought .txt 4 kB
Debug.txt 1 kB
credits.txt 859 bytes
Sofia_ExtendedEdition_WIN.zip 257 MB
if you pay $2.99 USD or more

Development log


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Why can't we claim this? I don't have access to a computer now so i can't download it. By the time I do have access, I'll probably have forgotten todownload it 

such a cool game!!!


this game was so good, the story , the design and the music 

good one :)


i cant find sofia or fio after they go missing in the 2nd one help :(


Where can i find the code dont have ton tell me the answer just a hint please


this is so cool and no one can change my mind

(2 edits) (+2)

This game is good!! I like it i really like it  (>u< )

how do i trigger the second phone call :(( 


This is an evil game made by an evil man /j




Where can I find the soundtracks? Love the song played during the truth reveal moment but can't find anywhere

I have a playlist with some of the songs: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbGD_LT9QRFpC7WMqVtXBGeHgAva32aiI I'm not sure the one you're looking for is in there though.


Yes, it is here. Thank you very much!

Where can i find the extended edition


Thanks for inquiring! When you click on the download button, it asks you to pay or skip to the download. If you decide to pay at least 2.99 $ you unlock the extended edition and can then download it from the page that follows :) 

Thank you, but do you also konw where i could find a stream or a video of it?


Nowhere, I don't allow recordings of the extended edition. You can find lets plays of the standard edition on YouTube though. ^^

Thanks, i' ll buy the extended edition then

Thank you! :)


Great game! I really enjoyed it, and it was great seeing all the neat stuff in the bonus room. I played through all the scenes/endings (thanks for adding in the cheat codes!). Some things about the story confused me, but I'm sure it was meant to be that way. There were two times where the game froze when Crow was walking, but it was no big deal as reloading the game fixed it. 


Hiiiiii, this game is AMAZING and creepy in the same time.

This is one of the best games in the WORD and it's too long, but the worst thing about the game when you lose after playing it1H. That really really really annoyed me! cause after all my effort l lose :( and I will for SURE not gonna play it again for an 1hour or more:I, but it's too cute pacifically Fio. He is way to much cute. I adore him too. I really wish part 2 from the game.



Hello, I first played this game a couple months ago and I loved it so much that even I cried. I love the character design, the art style, the puzzles, everything about it. then I played your other games, and they were just as good. I just made an account today so I could make this comment. your games are so underrated, and I can't wait for the next one. 


i can't save my game? i'm using (chrome) browser and couldn't save. it just made an odd error noise


I did simons route and it was sooo fun

For some reason, I couldn't save my game... it just made an error sound... Overall, the game was great! I loved it, thank you!

Where are you playing the game? As in browser or desktop 

I believe I was playing it through desktop

Did you extract the zip before playing? (using 7zip, winrar or a different program with an extraction feature)

Oh, I don't think so, if that's the problem then I should be able to fix it!


that was absolutely fantastic! i had to stop half way through and run some errands, but all i could think about was getting back and seeing what would happen next! 

i LOVE this game! the complex gameplay was amazing, and the art was so cute!


do you ever plan to release this on steam? id love to buy the extended version!

i really love this game so far! but idk why this keeps happening, everytime i save the game and return to load it later, the saves just disappear.
i've had to start over three times already
is it because im playing in browser?


I'm not sure why that would happen either, sometimes the browser version does go a little funky. :( Could you try downloading it and see if this still happens?

(1 edit)

i tried doing that too, and the game was going perfectly fine but then my game got stuck on the mirror cutscene of day three and it wont letme interact with anything else. i tried to restart the game but my autosaves as well as saved files vanished :( (im on windows 10)

I had the same issue as you until I realised... that you have to extract the file from winrar for it to save. At least thats what worked for me.

Yes, you have to extract the game for it to work.


i literally just started playing, and i found out you can partially put your foot on the counter in the bathroom. 


bro 💀💀💀


i like finding the useless and weird details


are we... the same person?


nope but great minds think alike :P


just finished playing this game and i can say that this is definitely one of the best games made in RPGMV ! it's kinda rare to find good rpg horror games so I'm really happy i found this, the art and story is so good !

i would love to see more games by you, especially the horror genre !

really, its a best

nice parents with bad trip :D

Android,plz or

i cant use browser to play the game , i will log off if i play to a dialogue.😭


i played this game 5 hours after release. this is honestly the best game i've ever played, ive been cheacking in at the uppdates now and again and all i can say is... <33333 i love this sooo soooooo sooooooo much!! i have no idea how i found this game that early but yeah! i really hope you continue making these amazing type of games! (ive also played your other games and they are all amazing!!)

Thank you!! Hope you'll enjoy my future games as well :D


I've been trying to put in the password for the phone for a long time now, but it won't give me the option. ???


I absolutely loved it!!! Just finished all of the original 8 endings and I'm definitely going to try and buy the extended version! This has to be one of my favorite games I've played so far, and going through the entirety of it was a good few hours well spent. Thank you for making this <3

Aw, thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it and hope you enjoy the extended edition as well if you decide to purchase it :)

I see a lot of localization languages in the game files, how can I apply them (change the original English text to French, for example)?

I'm not sure what you mean with game files, but this game has not been translated into any other language than english. I created this game by myself, and I only speak english and german.  I might make a german translation at some point, if I have the time, but a translation into any other language would have to be volunteered by somebody else.

i got a bug while playing the horror game with fio where the gaming cutscene wouldnt disappear from the screen even when i found my way to bed to try and make a new cutscene appear it was still there

Can you try and reload your save and see if this still happens? Also is this happening in browser or on desktop (and if so which os)?

im on browser/windows

Can you try downloading the game? Unfortunately rpg maker games aren't optimised for browser, so loading issues can happen that result in bugs like this :( There is not much I can do since this lag has to do with the engine itself. I'm sorry for the inconvenience 😔


this is amazing! one of my new favourites for sure! 


what an amazing game!!



good thing this popped on my recommended,  

I almost cried from the music playing while Fio died and crow just looked dead inside staring at Fio's body and all sad then sofia just appeared at the back of him lol,

but if anyone know can you tell me why Sofia known as Fio's sitter ig, killed him? 



(1 edit)


There is a walkthrough you can download that gives you a spoiler free guide on how to get all the endings ^^


Does anybody know the song that plays when you notice fio dead for the 1st time in Sofia? I am seriously wondering what song it is I have been looking for days ps AMAZING GAME

It's 銀の小舟 piano ver.


can i ask something? how to use the flashlight? i kinda can't use it


you use it automatically when you need it in game :)


 okay, thank you bro :)


I got to one of the endings and I can definitely say I love this game. Definitely when I get to my personal pc I will download this on there and go through the rest of the endings. Good job hatoge I loved it lots. :3

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