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I can't download the game😭😭

it only show this (I'm going to cry.) can somebody help me? please😭😭

i can post the picture wait

helpp how do i outrun john?? he's so fast


Being kidnapped by a person who wants me is so unlike real life where no one wants me.

Overall, fun game. Really enjoyed playing it.

I love this game!! I got stuck but I figured it out! Thank you for sharing this game with us! It was a blast!


what do I do after I get the rusted pendant, it doesn't seem like there's anything I am able to do

omg help, I've been running around like a mad-man for 4 hours now trying to figure out what in tarnation i do after getting the screwdriver  

You can download a spoiler-free walkthrough on the game page :)

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Ight bet but where is it? (I have the tech skills of a 5 year old)

nvm got it 👍


love this game 


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Spoilersss also some spoilers for Sofia aswell:

I hate this game why random chase sequence why why why I hate my life I died inside please god help me I knew I was going to have to hide eventually when I saw a closet and after playing Sofia and getting shot in the face a million times I'm legit traumatized why do you do this to me I can't anymore I'm to traumatized to continue lord help me please I repent lord jesus I repent

- on a serious note the game looks good but after already bashing my head in on my keyboard to play Sofia just to get one ending (not to complain though the game was great as heck) and becoming literally traumatized because of the rabbit lady and THENNN deciding to play another one of your games and then you throw a RANDOM CHASE SEQUENCE AT ME!??!generally I'm not surprised considering that Sofia was pretty dark but it still scared the crap out of me and I'm gonna continue later...during the day...when there is sun :)

also if you couldn't tell I was joking. the game is right up my ally but I legit need to chill after getting the crap scared out of me cause of that chase sequence. also I'm never going to see rabbits the same again thanks to Sofia. (again I'm joking, mostly.) But seriously the people who made/helped/helps to make these games are doing a great job!


anyone think that rylan looks like elton john


I have downloaded the game and have problem to enter the closet :-(  It seems bugged...

you have to enter the closet before john manages to enter the room. In his room it only works if you come from the bottom. Hope this helps!

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Thanks, but it seems I am not able to come so quickly :-(

I have tried dozen times, even go to the basement and the same problem, he is always too near me...

Have you been pressing shift to run? Else, you could try using the mouse and see if it helps. If not then I unfortunately can't help you, my apologies :(

Yes, I have been using the shift. I cannot play the game further, but there are more important things in the world :-) Thank you!

Love this!!!! Definitely one of the best games I've seen on Itch, thank you for using your creativity to make this chilling, sitting-on-the-edge-of-my-seat game.

Are there jumpscares?

no but some stuff can catch you off guard

It's a nice game. I did ran into an issue with getting into the closet on the first chase "xD but after that everything else was good. Definitely be looking at the spinoff next. Thank you for the game~

I really enjoyed the game! The chase parts were challenging but I enjoyed them and it made it even more rewarding to beat them. I also Played the spin off and it was so fun! I hope you do more with the charaters in the future and I will de play your other games! thank you for sharing your work with us!

Do I need to replay the whole game (or most of it) to get the other ending?

I had to give up because I could not get into the closet on the third chase scene :( it was already hard to get into the closet the first two times but for some reason I couldn't get into it even though I clicked on it (I probably tried at least 50 times)

Oh, I'm sorry you tried it that many times, the third chase actually has a completely different solution. :(  You have to enter and exit the playroom


For the second chase scene I can't even get a chance to run because I have to save first and it keeps me there for John to catch me. Am I doing something wrong? :(

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Saving is not mandatory before the chasing scenes, it's up to you and your preferences. In fact, you can skip the saving menu altogether to save up some precious time to run away from him!


Anyone else kinda think that Rylan looks Like Makoto Neagi?? No? Just me??

Heya! I'm sorry to ask you so randomly, but are there any chances that in the near future you will make a game where the character we're playing is actually a murderer or something like that? I just happened to see the games you made and it really got me interested (I used google translate because english isn't my main language! please correct me if I wrote anything wrong) 

Brilliant! i love your games. Sofia? and this game are just wonderful. They make you have to use your brain whilst being under pressure and its great. love it, keep it up babe!

Phew! The last chasing sequence was so hard! Took me a few tries to beat the game, it wasn't easy with John on my heels 24/7 but it was definitely worth it.

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I really want to like this game but the chase sequences are just too difficult.  Maybe you could have a small head start whenever R enters a new room or something?  John always starts right at the entrance of any room.  Also, the doorways are so narrow that they are easy to miss with arrow controls and there is no time to correct.  

I want to finish this game but those chases are punishing.

Where are you stuck exactly? Because for the third one, you need to lock him up instead of hiding in the closet (took me some time to figure out lol)



In the room with the pool table.

Thank You

Really enjoyed the game and it's message. The layout was fun and easy to figure out and the artwork was beautiful!! Also quick question does the bear on the staircase symbolize something just curious??

Thank you! The bear doesn't symbolize anything story vise, I put it there for game mechanic purposes. Basically to make sure the player walks past the square next to it, triggering john to appear behind you if you're being chased :'D

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I like the art style and exploring different parts of the house. The only con I can think of is that the chasing scenes were really hard that I had to do them several times. The ending is pretty cute tho. Also Eugene <3


theres something wrong with this game :/ even with john not being in the room, i still cant enter the closet i cant progress bcs of this

Are you playing in browser? If so, could you try downloading the game and see if this issue prevails? Also, have you tried both closets? There is one in John's room and another in the basement (room to the south). Additionally, the closet in John's room only works if you enter from the south.

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I read the comment below on the last chase scene, but I'm still not sure how to do it. I'm trying to unlock room 6 while John is chasing me but it won't let me.

Edit: Nvm LMAO I figured it out...

I don't think I'm good enough to figure out the exit, but the art is cute and it was really fun moving around and exploring. Thank you very much!!


I think the game is broken for website players. I pressed the closet, but it did not hide me. all of the closets are broken to where I can't play because the game won't let me.


I played through the game on website and it's not broken, you just can't hide in a closet if John is in the room. You have to be pretty fast about it. 

I was playing it and I keep dying at that point where u gotta go into the closet at the beggining, it wont let me get into the closet, I keep dying cuz of this and honestly it's rlly annoying, I think it might be cuz I didn't download it and I'm playing it on the website but I really hope that this problem gets fixed and please tell me how to click it if I'm clicking it wrong or what key to press cuz I tried using the mouse to click it and also cicking enter, both didn't work

Have you been pressing shift to run? Also I find the closet in the basement (room to the south) easier to get to in time, so if you have been trying with the closet in John's bed room, maybe try the one in the basement instead. Hope this helped!

I managed to make it to the closet, but it wont let me get into it, basically, I'm making it to the closet and clicking on it or pressing enter but nothing happens

Having a bit of a problem here, when I clean the Pendant, I don't get the birthday code for the box. Is there somewhere else I'm supposed to find it?


You can find it in the item menu (esc on the keyboard) :)

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I'm so sad. I cant even beat the first pursuit because I do not have 3 hands nor am I skilled enough to walk around with the mouse. I can only use the arrows to move and running requires the shift key but then I also have to click on the closet to get in and I really struggle with this. I really enjoyed the graphics and how the game was starting but was unable to move forward because of these technical issues. It isnt even because of the game itself and its just my computer, atleast I hope. Playing this game would require for me to get help from another person but I do not have anyone to help so all I cn do is hope for a new PC.

And although this game seem to not have been meant for me, i still want to praise the people working on this game. The thrill of the chase was really cool and I honestly pity the fact I am unable to go further. ALSO LITTLE THING TO SAY: this comment just wants to let the makers of the game my experience and also praise. Everyones equipment works differently and I highly recommend to play this game because the plot line seems interesting. I really mean no offense to anyone. Also I hope you didnt mind all the mistakes made while writting this comment.

PS. I absolutely love how John got hs idea from BL, that fact made me laugh hard.

You can also press enter to interact with objects, hope this helps! I have been told that the hiding windows are a bit too short, so I will keep this in mind for future games :) Thank you for the feedback.

Thank you so much! This helped me a ton and I ended up finishing the game! I absolutely loved it and the thrill it gave me! Can't wait to play other games made by you!


your games make me feel so emotional lmao

(eeeee i wish there were also a better route for rylan and john though...the atmosphere really got me there >-<)

Can you help me I'm having a problem right now cause I'm playing misfiction in Cellphone not on PC and I can't find the in-game menu

you need a keyboard for this game

Can you just help me?I'm stuck after John chase me the second time, I don't know where to go!:(

the second time should be the closet again :o

So after the closet, where should I go? >_<

there is a walkthrough you can look at for any further questions :)

Sure, and thanks;)

Can you make a tutorial on game design basics? I'm interested in making games myself


Thank you for the suggestion! I'll put it on my list for video ideas :)

Im having trouble with the running away from john part @_@ the closet has only let me in once and then i didnt save my progress im so lost

You need to press shift to run and then then enter the closet before John comes into the room! It can be a bit tricky in the master bedroom, so maybe try the closet in the basement (room on the bottom). I find that one a tad bit easier to get to :)

ah thank you !! love ur game :)


great game :)

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John's soo fricking scaryy!!:'(


This was an awesome little game! <3 I wondered why the name, but it really makes sense, with the premise being based on BL fiction but not going the way of the BL tropes. Refreshing. It got my heart racing a couple of times, so that was very enjoyable :D

Can't wait to play the spinoff!!

I think the name is Misfiction because when starting the game, John says fiction does affect reality, or something like that-- im not too sure though!

Close! It was actually about John being mis(guided by )fiction :)


Oooh! That's cool! Awesome game ♡


Eugene is best bro. Simple but very enjoyable game with an interesting premise. 

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