Rylan was living a normal life as a university freshman, until finding himself in a cold basement taped to a chair. His kidnapper soon reveals himself to be John Blanc, a rich douchebag who fancies Rylan, but may be a bit misguided when it comes to the whole romance thing. On top of that, Rylan has no interest in John whatsoever. Luckily, help is near... but will he be able to escape?

Find out in this comedy "horror" rpg maker adventure game!


Controls: [Arrow keys] for movement, [Shift] to run, [Enter] to interact with objects and [Esc] to go to the in-game menu

Playtime: 20 minutes - 1 hour

Endings: 1.5 (You can get the short or the long version of the ending)

Available languages: English, Español, Deutsch, Português (BR),  Русский (RU)

A game by Hatoge

Spanish translation by @Orcatraduccione 

Portuguese translation by Dog&Corvo


Russian translation by @jotamoth

This game was made in under 60 hours for the Yaoi Jam 2021


Update: I released a spin-off. If you enjoyed this game, please consider checking the spin-off out as well :D


Content warning for: Kidnapping and stalking. 

(If you find anything else I should CW let me know!)

You will not romance your kidnapper in this game. There may be another optional romance route though :D


If you enjoyed the game or have other kinds of feedback, please leave a comment! I can understand english and german, so preferably in those languages :)

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(262 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAnime, Boys' Love, Comedy, Gay, Horror, LGBT, RPG Maker


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misfictionRU.rar 140 MB

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I LOVED this. It's so refreshing to see how all those silly BL tropes would affect someone in real life. Great genre subversion! I'm a huge fan of your games, I'll keep an eye on your future projects!

(1 edit)

I tried hiding in the closet upstairs but I don't know how to actually get inside of it..

What do I do?

edit: I figured out that I couldn't hide because he was in the room at the same time

Go to the basement and you have to find a closet there (The door below the lauadry room)


I'm at the stage where you ask the friend for help to distract John and I don't know what do to I asked the friend to distract him, And I explored the house, And I don't know what do to I don't know if I have to do something with the map in the library or not can someone help me?

Really nice game! 

(description for new players; spoilery stuff is in my review)

There is no jumpscare, but still a lot of tensions.

Shift makes you run, and there are (somewhat glitchy) mouse controls, but I don't think the game says it explicitely.

There is a very nice secret ending as well

I'm having this issue where, when I enter a large room, it just makes me walk in random directions 

Are you using mouse controls? Those are a bit glitchy, and keyboard controls work better (as long as you're agile enough)


This was honestly a fun little RPG Maker comedy-horror game.
Even though I felt terrible for Rylan, having to deal with a man like John (and getting traumatized by being kidnapped), the premise definitely made me laugh.
And I'm glad it had a happy ending - extra happy when getting the scene after the credits. It was very sweet!

I even enjoyed the puzzles because they were pretty easy (and I am bad at puzzles xD)

And now, I look forward to playing the sequel since that I've played the original! 

If you're looking for someone to do a french translation, I'd be down :3

I have found a little glitch in the game you might want to know about. When you walk up the big stairs if you and then walk in front of the teddy bear it'll cause your character to walk on the outside of the map.  


how do I use the key-

There is a door facing down, on the 1st floor (the one below where you find it); you can just ram into the door as if you wanted to enter


bro read killing stalking 😭



Strumming my pain with his fingers Singing my life with his words Killing me softly with his song Killing me softly with his song ~

*Flashbacks starts* Oh god

I've escaped being chased and unlocked that room where do I go???

You have to go upstairs, on the left. 


Woah, ein Spiel auf Deutsch! Das sieht man selten. Der Schreibstil war wirklich toll, der Anfang hat mich konstant zum lachen gebracht. Das Denglisch ist so on point. Nur vom Gameplay selbst war es n bissl schwierig... Ich hätt mir gewünscht, das Blickfeld wär n bisschen größer, und bin auch nicht gerade Fan von den klassischen RPGmaker Chase-Sequences. Aber ansonsten solides, schönes, kurzes Spiel, mit netten Charakteren und nem knuffigen Ende. Ich schau mir definitiv den Rest der Spiele an!


Hello, hope you're doing well. I was introduced to your games by my best friend, and this was my favorite of your works. I've only played Misfiction, Sofia, and MisTrick with him but I adored all of them. You did an AMAZING JOB on all the games, I love how every single one plays like a visual novel but it's a little different- you have to solve puzzles and everything is connected. To progress, you have to complete tasks or find items to unlock other items. Misfiction was great and I loved it so much, I don't always connect to characters easily but I just clicked with Rylan right away and was so intrigued, that he wasn't a typical sort of protagonist who was shaking in their boots n stuff but seemingly "unphased" and sarcastic to John's antics (absolutely hate him btw, no shade 2 you but JOHN IS SOO GROSS.) Even while unphased he was actually terrified deep down and I really liked how we briefly explored that reality in little snippets during the game/endings. ALSOO U DONT HAVE TO BUT I'D LOVE TO SEE MORE OF RYLAN AND EUGENE. THEYRE SOO CUTE.

Overall, you did an amazing job!! I love the dialogue and how there's never a dull moment along with all the problem solving. I got stuck at so many points and was really forced to use my brain in order to progress, but was happy no walkthrough was needed (SOFIA HAD ME STUMPED THOUGH, I USED THE WALKTHROUGH MULTIPLE TIMES LMAO.) You're so talented and I commend you to keep creating!! I LOVE these types of stories where there is mystery and problem solving but also the QUEER REPRESENTATION??? ITS SO AMAZINGG AND I LOVE HOW YOU DIDN'T MAKE RYLAN LIKE JOHN JUST CUZ THEYRE BOTH GAY, YOU ACTUALLY KEPT THE CHARACTER LOGICAL. Pls keep it up, I will definitely check out ur other stuff!!! You are VERY cool :))

Aw, thank you so much! I've been told that Misfiction is a weak link when it comes to my titles, so I'm always happy to hear when someone doesn't share that sentiment. Misfiction always had a special place in my heart, because I think it carries a lot of the original rpgmaker era magic, more so than my other games. Also I did have ideas for a sequel that would tie in with another game of mine, but I currently have other games I am working on, so that'll have to wait. 

very good game! i loved the music! sometimes i couldn't enter the closet but by restarting it got fixed,a small thing i found is that if in the stair section with the bear you go up(1 tile far from the bear and transitioning to the other part of the stair) and then down again you can get out of bounds, this works in the first section as well but its a bit harder


Really like this game! I got stuck a few times, but I made it. Great story!

I'm a little confused so I thought I'd ask did I need to download the game instead of playing on my web browser to get the extra ending? I found someone else who got it on yt and I'm pretty sure we made the same choices


the extra ending is adorableeeee omfg

apologies but what does the walkthrough.txt for? 

It's a text that says where you need to go and what you need to do in the game incase you get stuck trying to figure it out on your own :) It's just a helping hand that you can use if you want to.

I played the spin off before playing the first game and I didn't even know there where two game, but it's still good and i'm glad I played bot


Aight, idk what I'm doing wrong but I can't get into the closet which sucks! I just keep seeing his smug face and the "Game Over



(1 edit)

Same here

I have a feeling it's because he is in the room, but he is simply too fast to outrun.

Edit: apparently it's exactly that. Hide when he's not in the room

You can use Shift to run (found on comments below); be careful with the closet, you have the hit the center, or you will miss the hitbox



First of all, I love the music. 10/10.

Second, I adore the artwork, its all so nice!! :D

I really like how it didn't paint kidnapping as "romantic" or "cute", it showed it as is. A traumatic experience.

Finally, the confession ending was so sweet!!!

Omw to play Mistrick now, and anyone reading this should too!!


Ok first of all:





Moral of the story:Never use wattpad/webtoons for dating advice


Can someone help me out


can someone plese help me escape this chase thing im using my mouse and im on browser


the closet doesnt let me in...how do i go in?? pls help im stupid


gotta go fast

enter the closet before he enters the room

if youre in the third chase though you gotta head to the playroom (claw machine)



I tried- What do you mean the playroom and where do you hide in it??

(1 edit)

The playroom is a room that you unlock further in the game.  Once you get to the final chase, you can't hide in time. You need to go to the playroom, and then leave while John's still in the room.

It has a claw machine in the back, that's how you'll know you got to it.



np :)


AHHHH THE CHASE SCENES ARE SO HARD!!!!! Makes my heart beat so fasttttt  :'((( I'm trembling TOT


Im still stuck on the 2nd one T-T


I'm on the third one T0T


Lucky for you im stuck on the 1st one LOL


i am stuck on the first one too... how in the world did rylan outrun this guy, he's fast

Same here ^^'

He's too fast to avoid, and generally one tile behind you. And when you try to leave a wrong room, he's like "can I hold the door for you?" and jumps at you mach-30.

Save & load makes it harder still

You can use Shift to run (found on comments below); be careful with the closet, you have the hit the center, or you will miss the hitbox


Ah that sucks. I wanted to play this but knowing there will be chase scenes I know I won't beat means it's not accessible.
Maybe Manlybadasshero will play this game as he played the spinoff.
I'll live through him. lol


So basically I played the part two, Mistrick, first before this xD dang this is why I should read the description first before downloading. Getting the ending was confusing when I cant get into the closet anymore when John is chasing me but figured it out after few game overs (just kidding, had to watch a youtube for that one as my brain isnt working today lol)

Overall, it is a great game and it isnt that scary as you manage to over come your fear. On my way to complete the other games of yours!

(1 edit) (+1)

the first time he caught me I clicked try again but it brought up the files, I've never had something happen like this then it goes into a loop... game over, shows the files, I back out of the files... then game over-

even when I clicked give up it still blacked out and then gave those two options again

Maybe try refreshing the page or choose a different file?


The story was very nice and it was fun to play. I loved the chase scenes. Pls develop such games in future as well


This was overall a really fun game and I'm glad that John went to prison.


At first, I thought they were Makoto Naegi and Byakuya Togami. XD




MY FIRST THOUGHT WAS "Damn he look like Naegi"



I really enjoyed this game! I love the art style and the story. Locking him in the playroom was definitely a part where i was stuck at but i found this really cool cause I didn't think about it. The chase sequences were firstly hard but when I've gotten used to them it was actually pretty easy for me! The confession ending was super adorable! Overall, I really loved this and I will definitely play this again in the future! :D


Why is John so fast?! It seriously scares me how he runs so fast and how he keeps getting to me



(1 edit) (+1)

I can't download the game😭😭

it only show this (I'm going to cry.) can somebody help me? please😭😭

i can post the picture wait



helpp how do i outrun john?? he's so fast


Being kidnapped by a person who wants me is so unlike real life where no one wants me.

Overall, fun game. Really enjoyed playing it.

I love this game!! I got stuck but I figured it out! Thank you for sharing this game with us! It was a blast!


what do I do after I get the rusted pendant, it doesn't seem like there's anything I am able to do

You probably figured it out already but I'm explaining this just because, after you get the pendant, you want to take it to the bathroom and click on the bottle of chemicals on the rack right next to the entrance point of the bathroom from John's room. Good Luck!

omg help, I've been running around like a mad-man for 4 hours now trying to figure out what in tarnation i do after getting the screwdriver  

You can download a spoiler-free walkthrough on the game page :)

(1 edit)

Ight bet but where is it? (I have the tech skills of a 5 year old)

nvm got it 👍


love this game 


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