This game can only be played with a keyboard. Please keep that in mind!


You play as John Blanc, a narcissistic convict, who finds himself trapped in a strange pocket dimension. Soon after his arrival, he is greeted by a former cell neighbor and executed serial killer, Chase Colt. While Chase claims that John has already died, this quickly turns out to be a malicious lie to keep John trapped in this world. Will he be able to figure out a way to escape, or will he die to the many tricks of this wicked place?


Mistrick was made within one month for the Yandere Jam 2022

CONTENT WARNINGContains depiction and mentions of blood, violence, murder and kidnapping

If you get stuck please consult the walkthrough which you can download further down :) Alternatively both Lola and Chase give you in game hints through their dialogue.


It features:

- 3 Endings

- 13 unique ways to die

- 40-60 minutes of gameplay

- 5 CGs

- Available languages: English, German*, Russian*, Spanish*

*Windows only

Russian translation by @jotamoth

Spanish translation by @shi3kel_


Mistrick is a spin-off to my other game 'Misfiction'. It is not necessary to play Misfiction to understand Mistrick, since the events of Misfiction are retold through a intro cutscene (And not all that important later on). That being said, if you still plan on playing Misfiction I would advise you to do that first, or alternatively skip the intro cutscene of Mistrick, as it does contain spoilers for Misfiction.


Let's play/Streaming guidelines: 

Feel free to stream/Let's play this game. Have the credits on screen at least once and link to this page in the description though.


If you would like to volunteer a translation of this game, please dm me on twitter @HatogeGames 

If you find any bugs or make fan content and want to show me, please write me a DM on twitter @HatogeGames, or write me an E-Mail at hatogegames@gmail.com :)

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(272 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withRPG Maker
TagsComedy, Gay, Horror, Lesbian, Multiple Endings, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, yandere, Yaoi


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Walkthrough.txt 3 kB
MistrickWIN.zip 195 MB
MistrickDeutschWIN.zip 331 MB
MistrickLINUX.zip 236 MB
mistrickRU.rar 184 MB
Mistrick (Traducción al Español).zip 330 MB

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I absolutely loved the game! I also tried some of your other games and had the same amazing experience!





Thank you! He says it from the second time onward, after you get caught. But now that you mention it, I really should have given him more dialogue if you keep failing after that haha Oh well, something to keep in mind for next time :-)


i am not ready to get insulted during whatever next time is 😰

i need to have a beter memory man i cant remmeber the controls

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2 years ago I played misfiction and when I realized that this was a continuation I was very excited TT, I also played "sofia" without knowing that you were the one who had done it, I just want to tell you that I love your work and you have made me very happy today, thank you


Thank you! I'm always surprised by how many comments I get on Mistrick from people who played misfiction in the past. It's my least polished game, but it holds a special place in my heart.  I'm happy that so many people seem to enjoy it :)

how do you save the game?

I keep dying while i get the paper and ink and my progress gets reset

If you press esc it should open the menu window, from where you can save :)

For some reason, my game keeps crashing. Can I ask if there is any way to fix it?

Estou completamente apaixonada por este jogo e os personagens, que animação ^^
Que maravilha, levei umas 3 horas para terminar mas consegui fazer os três finais :'3


I enjoyed every bit of this game. It was really funny and fun.


I love this game! it's so creepy and funny at the same time and the characters are so cool. I even wanna draw them now


Idk, being smothered by a bunny doesn;t seem like the worst way to go

I loved playing through this game (despite using the walkthrough most of the time) but I'm having trouble unlocking the death with the sky painting. No matter how much I click on it, it doesn't let me interact. Does anyone know a solution to this?

Are you playing with a mouse? In that case, try standing in front of it and pressing enter, or clicking on one of the blocks underneath the painting. This game isn't optimized for mouse, so some of the hit boxes don't line up properly, unfortunately :'(


Unlocking every ends is really enjoyable.10/10


i absolutely adore this game and i enjoyed playing it so much. id love to see more of the characters, especially Nina & Rika (they're so adorable together) and it'd be so interesting to learn about the lore of the pocket dimension place, such as how it came to exist, why/how Chase got there, and such. If you do make a sequel or spin off of this game please make sure you stay healthy & well while making it!!

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I found out about this game from Manlybadasshero (he's an incredible youtuber, pls go check him out if you want to) so i decided to play this since it looks interesting and omg, now i'm obsessed with the art style, characters and the lore. thank you so much for creating this game <3

i wish there was more

holy shit i did not see that third ending coming

loved the game, had no troubles:)

this was actually so good, thank god i'm paranoid and save like every 5 steps i take cause that really came in handy for ending three

Omg John is soooo crazy. Actually, i'm glad he died because even after getting out of prison he wouldnt stop. He would continue to get obsessed with other people and kidnap them since he got obsessed with that serial killer . Damn, loved that plot twist!


if the tree eats you while the guy is walking into you he actually turns to watch. a detail.

Deleted 92 days ago

Minor nitpick - I'd suggest including in the linux archive that you'll need to download gconf, or else the game will not launch due to missile libgconf-2.so. It does not seem to be installed by default on arch based, or at the very least, manjaro

(Just realised that I should be running the "nw" file and not the "game", my bad. Prehaps consider a rename to avoid confusion? not sure if this error presists if I run nw instead of game)

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The game is developed on and for windows. RPG Maker MV has options to export to mac and linux as well, which is why this game exists on these platforms. Unfortunately I don't know anything about linux or mac development and therefore don't want to mess with any of the files, in case it breaks the game further. If the game is unplayable on linux, I'm afraid I'll have to take that build down, so please let me know. Sorry for the inconvenience :(

On the chasing part, why is Chase so damn fast!? I get that he can chase, but whyyyyy

Hi!! I love this game but I'm a little confused on how to get ending 3. I already have ending 1 and 2 plus all the deaths but I can't interact with the door, the guide is a little vague so idk if I'm supposed to ignore the thing and go to Claire or somehow go through it because it won't let me?? I tried pressing all the buttons on my laptop but nothing. (I play on windows in a downloaded ver) pls help

guys help how do i open the chest 

To open the chest you have to wait until Chase enters the room then the lion guy will go hide then click 3 on the chest and you should be able to open it

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or you could just ask chase to move to that room

i had to ask him three times to finally get him to that room lmao





this was rlly fun ! i played misfiction right after and im now extremely invested in the lore. can't wait for more, please take your time :]

How to have ending 2? I tried talking to Lola before talking to Claire, but still ending 1,and I don't understand after seeing the Walkthrough:(

And we need a Chinese or Japanese translator, it's very difficult to play this game with translation software

It's an excellent game!

(This is Google's translator, and it might look a little weird)

i need help on getting ending 2 i go to claires room while chase is chasing me but nothing happens what shld i do

u gotta go infront of claire instead of interacting behind her

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Nice game, it's both creepy and hilarious at the same time! :) 

I must confess that after a certain point I gave up and used the walkthrough because I could not open the chest - it's probably MY fault, because I did not pay attention to the Big Picture and to what was really going on. 

Note: the game does not work from Google Chrome (Version 105.0.5195.102 ) in Incognito Window ("Failed to read the localStorage property from Window: Access is denied to this document"). The game works correctly in Google Chrome normal window. And it DOES indeed work in Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox equivalents of Incognito Window (of course, playing in this mode is a bad idea because you will lose your progress when existing the browser).  

I wanna write a story kinda based on this, but with different characters and theyre not dead and that kinda stuff, but I wont do it without direct permission. I'll give credits in the story ofc , but I just wanted to get confirmation that its okay

Sure :) 

i feel incredibly stupid but im currently stuck because i cant figure out how to talk to anything. i was able to talk to chase after he let me loose in the world by pressing enter or clicking on him directly, and i was able to with lola as well, but i couldn't talk to any of the other characters.. im really really confused 

if you haven't yet, go to the last room and talk to the face in the ground, then come back and talk to lola. After that you need to press 1, 2, 3 or 4 on your keyboard to do different interactions with the characters. (I don't remember which one is talking but you'll know by an icon with an eye that pops up after you press the right key)

ahhh okay, by the time i got to the face on the ground i had assumed it just wasnt letting me interact with anything so i didnt really try haha. thank you for explaining!! im very excited to play the game :) 

I really enjoyed the game! I loved that we play as John and see what happens to him after Misfiction. Chase is amazing, it was a nice touch of him following John from room to room like that. The Deaths were fun to discover but I did need help figuring out one of them because I didnt think of it. Lola was a very helpful tool for when you get stuck on what to do next. I can keep going on  but just saying I really enjoyed this game and the charaters. Thank you for making this and sharing it with us!


and Part 2. I loved the main ending so much! it was just perfect for John!

Right after the comedy balloon meets bunnies sequence, you are able to move, and if you move on top of the balloon, the game stops, and I'm assuming it's because he can't move forward more.


The energetic bunnies reminded me of my dog, since she too is way too wild for me haha. The True Ending was such a surprise tho! hahaha John was just "HOW dare you" hahaha A great game, I can't wait to see what more you create

how do ya let the energy bunny things play? i tried the slide and uh, i died and got the "bad end" twice...

There is a walkthrough you can download from the main page :)

really? i'll check that out, thanks so much!

Why couldn't I interact with the golden door(and It's shut)after getting 13 deaths and 2 endings??I really want to know the third ending pleeeease ;(

Did you get 13 different deaths? Getting the same death 13 times won't unlock it, in case there is a misunderstanding. You can check if you got every death, from the menu (esc). There is also a walkthrough that details how to get every death, so please check if there might be any death on the list you might have missed.

I am sure have collect 13deaths ,but the door won't open anyway,am I doing it wrong?

the door didn't appear open and "enter"doesn't work as well

ciao, scusa ma sono bloccata, non riesco proprio ha prendere l'inchiostro

There is a walkthrough you can download from the main page.


anyways i finished all the endings and its a great game <3 i loved all the silly little deaths in between and the third ending the most

also im not sure if i messed up but the wasd controls dont work for me... i gotta walk around with my cursor and idk how to sprint


rpg maker doesn't natively support wasd unfortunately :(  the game is played with arrow keys (and sprinting is enabled with shift, but normally the character automatically sprints anyway when you use mouse controls)

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does anybody know how to let the bunny balloon play? T^T please

you have to use it as an item on the slide


got it thanks <3 the first time i tried that i just died


for a second i was so upset that i couldnt just go down the slide


this game- omg. i loved everything. the graphics are so cute! the story is hilarious asf. i love the ending, it's so funny, and also very in character for john bc of the way he acted in Misfiction. the fuckin CEO omegaverse book took me out, help– the cute girls' story was so sweet. also the end credits' illustration was absolutely adorable !! please keep making games like these, this was so good ! <3

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