This game can only be played with a keyboard. Please keep that in mind!


You play as John Blanc, a narcissistic convict, who finds himself trapped in a strange pocket dimension. Soon after his arrival, he is greeted by a former cell neighbor and executed serial killer, Chase Colt. While Chase claims that John has already died, this quickly turns out to be a malicious lie to keep John trapped in this world. Will he be able to figure out a way to escape, or will he die to the many tricks of this wicked place?


Mistrick was made within one month for the Yandere Jam 2022

CONTENT WARNINGContains depiction and mentions of blood, violence, murder and kidnapping

If you get stuck please consult the walkthrough which you can download further down :) Alternatively both Lola and Chase give you in game hints through their dialogue.


It features:

- 3 Endings

- 13 unique ways to die

- 40-60 minutes of gameplay

- 5 CGs

- Available languages: English, German*, Russian*, Spanish*

*Windows only

Russian translation by @jotamoth

Spanish translation by @shi3kel_


Mistrick is a spin-off to my other game 'Misfiction'. It is not necessary to play Misfiction to understand Mistrick, since the events of Misfiction are retold through a intro cutscene (And not all that important later on). That being said, if you still plan on playing Misfiction I would advise you to do that first, or alternatively skip the intro cutscene of Mistrick, as it does contain spoilers for Misfiction.


Let's play/Streaming guidelines: 

Feel free to stream/Let's play this game. Have the credits on screen at least once and link to this page in the description though.


If you would like to volunteer a translation of this game, please dm me on twitter @HatogeGames 

If you find any bugs or make fan content and want to show me, please write me a DM on twitter @HatogeGames, or write me an E-Mail at hatogegames@gmail.com :)

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withRPG Maker
TagsComedy, Gay, Horror, Lesbian, Multiple Endings, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, yandere, Yaoi


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Walkthrough.txt 3 kB
MistrickWIN.zip 195 MB
MistrickDeutschWIN.zip 331 MB
MistrickLINUX.zip 236 MB
mistrickRU.rar 184 MB
Mistrick (Traducción al Español).zip 330 MB

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guys help how do i open the chest 

To open the chest you have to wait until Chase enters the room then the lion guy will go hide then click 3 on the chest and you should be able to open it


this was rlly fun ! i played misfiction right after and im now extremely invested in the lore. can't wait for more, please take your time :]

How to have ending 2? I tried talking to Lola before talking to Claire, but still ending 1,and I don't understand after seeing the Walkthrough:(

And we need a Chinese or Japanese translator, it's very difficult to play this game with translation software

It's an excellent game!

(This is Google's translator, and it might look a little weird)

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Nice game, it's both creepy and hilarious at the same time! :) 

I must confess that after a certain point I gave up and used the walkthrough because I could not open the chest - it's probably MY fault, because I did not pay attention to the Big Picture and to what was really going on. 

Note: the game does not work from Google Chrome (Version 105.0.5195.102 ) in Incognito Window ("Failed to read the localStorage property from Window: Access is denied to this document"). The game works correctly in Google Chrome normal window. And it DOES indeed work in Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox equivalents of Incognito Window (of course, playing in this mode is a bad idea because you will lose your progress when existing the browser).  

I wanna write a story kinda based on this, but with different characters and theyre not dead and that kinda stuff, but I wont do it without direct permission. I'll give credits in the story ofc , but I just wanted to get confirmation that its okay

Sure :) 

i feel incredibly stupid but im currently stuck because i cant figure out how to talk to anything. i was able to talk to chase after he let me loose in the world by pressing enter or clicking on him directly, and i was able to with lola as well, but i couldn't talk to any of the other characters.. im really really confused 

if you haven't yet, go to the last room and talk to the face in the ground, then come back and talk to lola. After that you need to press 1, 2, 3 or 4 on your keyboard to do different interactions with the characters. (I don't remember which one is talking but you'll know by an icon with an eye that pops up after you press the right key)

ahhh okay, by the time i got to the face on the ground i had assumed it just wasnt letting me interact with anything so i didnt really try haha. thank you for explaining!! im very excited to play the game :) 

I really enjoyed the game! I loved that we play as John and see what happens to him after Misfiction. Chase is amazing, it was a nice touch of him following John from room to room like that. The Deaths were fun to discover but I did need help figuring out one of them because I didnt think of it. Lola was a very helpful tool for when you get stuck on what to do next. I can keep going on  but just saying I really enjoyed this game and the charaters. Thank you for making this and sharing it with us!


and Part 2. I loved the main ending so much! it was just perfect for John!

Right after the comedy balloon meets bunnies sequence, you are able to move, and if you move on top of the balloon, the game stops, and I'm assuming it's because he can't move forward more.


The energetic bunnies reminded me of my dog, since she too is way too wild for me haha. The True Ending was such a surprise tho! hahaha John was just "HOW dare you" hahaha A great game, I can't wait to see what more you create

how do ya let the energy bunny things play? i tried the slide and uh, i died and got the "bad end" twice...

There is a walkthrough you can download from the main page :)

really? i'll check that out, thanks so much!

Why couldn't I interact with the golden door(and It's shut)after getting 13 deaths and 2 endings??I really want to know the third ending pleeeease ;(

Did you get 13 different deaths? Getting the same death 13 times won't unlock it, in case there is a misunderstanding. You can check if you got every death, from the menu (esc). There is also a walkthrough that details how to get every death, so please check if there might be any death on the list you might have missed.

I am sure have collect 13deaths ,but the door won't open anyway,am I doing it wrong?

the door didn't appear open and "enter"doesn't work as well

ciao, scusa ma sono bloccata, non riesco proprio ha prendere l'inchiostro

There is a walkthrough you can download from the main page.


anyways i finished all the endings and its a great game <3 i loved all the silly little deaths in between and the third ending the most

also im not sure if i messed up but the wasd controls dont work for me... i gotta walk around with my cursor and idk how to sprint


rpg maker doesn't natively support wasd unfortunately :(  the game is played with arrow keys (and sprinting is enabled with shift, but normally the character automatically sprints anyway when you use mouse controls)

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does anybody know how to let the bunny balloon play? T^T please

you have to use it as an item on the slide


got it thanks <3 the first time i tried that i just died


for a second i was so upset that i couldnt just go down the slide


this game- omg. i loved everything. the graphics are so cute! the story is hilarious asf. i love the ending, it's so funny, and also very in character for john bc of the way he acted in Misfiction. the fuckin CEO omegaverse book took me out, help– the cute girls' story was so sweet. also the end credits' illustration was absolutely adorable !! please keep making games like these, this was so good ! <3

I love when games have a sequel. I was very shook with the 3rd ending loll

yandere moment

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i can't see items i took the mushroom so it made it impossible to advance in the game 

I don't speak English and I started playing rpg maker games recently.  I want to know something, because I play these games with the android emulator: what version of rpg maker did you use?  MV?  VX Ace?  I didn't find it anywhere


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this game was SO FUNNY, I love your sense of humor!! great game :)


The only awkward thing is I have an uncle named John.




Wow, the ending surprised me, john is crazy lololol

I finally had time to play this game and you did not dissapoint! I truly adore your writing, the game was very fun to play, and the art looks amazing! However, i cannot seem to reach the second ending. I got all the deaths and replayed the game a few times but i can't seem to come up with anything. If anyone knows why please tell me! Thank you!


WTF, I love this game sooo much, definitely one of my favorites!!!

I found you from the game Sofia?, love your games, please keep making them!!!



I'm in love with John's personality somehow, I understand he's mentally ill but also I laugh so much at the thing he is ready to spend the whole eternity annoying the guy he "likes" this is too good 

I also remember the day I clicked on your profile after Ouija Sleepover and saw no more than two games (maybe even one, I just do not remember it well :'D) and now you've upped so much, I'm so happy you keep making games, thank you <3


i have a theory as to why john blanc acts the way he does.

as a narcissist, he expects people to like him, or at least be too afraid of him to wrong him.

when someone doesn't bow down to him, he isn't angry, only fascinated, and like a child seeing a rare toy, he must have it.

this fascination leads to him wanting to mentally pick apart and eventually break his victims, like a child destroying a toy to see what is inside.

what do you guys think?

Close! I think you nailed his character down quite well in the first half, but the breaking sounds more like Chase. John doesn't care about the inner workings of the people around him. He'd be the kind of kid, that throws a tantrum because it wants to have your toy, and the second you give it to them, they throw it away lol 

really? i had the impression that he had in interest in seeing what make those special few people tick, just like the quote "it's closed shut, that just makes me want to open it up even more"

That's because he feels entitled to it. Not because he actually cares


Your games are absolutely amazing! I love all of your games but this is definitely my fav one

Thank you! <3


Hello, I'm trying to play a game but I can only see a part of the screen (like on this screenshot). The same thing is happening both in the browser version of the game and in the pc version of the game. I'm using windows 7. Is there a way to fix it? It also kinda just... flickers between this and the normal resolution

Okay I fixed it actually



Hi, can you make a zip for mac? I really want to play this game on my laptop, it looks interesting...

HEYYYY I have a few more questions if you don’t mind answering them hah-

Can I make an animatic of this game? I’m having an art block and I have a huge hyperfixation on this game and I feel like it’ll help me get rid of said so art block-

Second, what was the yellow thing that Chase made John into? Just curious about that.


Hello! You are free to make any kind of fan content, and I'd love to see it once you're done! If you have Twitter please tag me, but else I don't mind if you post the video into the comment section here either :) To answer your second question: Chase enclosed John into gold.

I dont know if maybe I deleted it somehow, but after I took the bears treasure my save file was gone when I died. I have to start the whole thing over now. It’s a good game, so I’m not mad about it, but I think you should maybe look into that.


Hi! I really love this game and the concept so far but I'm stuck on the part where I need to get the romance book and give it to the tree(according to the walkthrough), however it won't let me get the romance book? Unless I'm just doing it wrong? I dunno... I just don't want to skip any parts of the walkthrough so I can make sure I do it right. Respond when you can <3

Hello! Have you gotten a different book already? In that case you will need to put it back to where you got it from first before you can take a new book :)

Hellu, so I need help to download the game on Linux. And  I can't really seem to find a place where I can figure out how to activate it.  Please help ;w;

Hi! I have a two small questions if you don't mind me asking,

First, am I allowed to make fanart of characters?

Second, how was Chase executed?

I also would like to say I absolutely love this game and I wish it was more popular, it deserves all the fame possible! Have a great day :)


Hello :) Thank you very much!  Yes, you are free to make fanart of the game and if you tag me on twitter I will retweet it :D As to how Chase was executed, originally he was supposed to be hung (I have some concept art posted on twitter that reflects this) but I was never too hot on that idea, mostly because I don't think that's something they still do in the modern age. In the end I ran out of time to come up with a better answer (or do research for one) so I'll just leave it up for interpretation. 

Thank you so much! I also like your concept, that's pretty cool! :)


hiii could i get the soundtrack?:)) I really like it. I also that you did a amazing job on the game!! I really like the charecters too.


just got the bad ending.. that was.. something...

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