This game can only be played with a keyboard. Please keep that in mind!


You play as John Blanc, a narcissistic convict, who finds himself trapped in a strange pocket dimension. Soon after his arrival, he is greeted by a former cell neighbor and executed serial killer, Chase Colt. While Chase claims that John has already died, this quickly turns out to be a malicious lie to keep John trapped in this world. Will he be able to figure out a way to escape, or will he die to the many tricks of this wicked place?


Mistrick was made within one month for the Yandere Jam 2022

by Hatoge

CONTENT WARNINGContains depiction and mentions of blood, violence, murder and kidnapping

If you get stuck please consult the walkthrough which you can download further down :) Alternatively both Lola and Chase give you in game hints through their dialogue.


It features:

- 3 Endings

- 13 unique ways to die

- 40-60 minutes of gameplay

- 5 CGs

- Available languages: English, German*, Russian*, Spanish*, Portuguese (Br)*

*Windows only

Russian translation by @jotamoth

Spanish translation by @zeph1rae

Portuguese translation by @dogncorvo


Mistrick is a spin-off to my other game 'Misfiction'. It is not necessary to play Misfiction to understand Mistrick, since the events of Misfiction are retold through an intro cutscene (And not all that important later on). That being said, if you still plan on playing Misfiction I would advise you to do that first, or alternatively skip the intro cutscene of Mistrick, as it does contain spoilers for Misfiction.


Let's play/Streaming guidelines: 

Feel free to stream/Let's play this game. Have the credits on screen at least once and link to this page in the description though.



If you would like to volunteer a translation of this game, please dm me on Twitter

If you find any bugs or make fan content and want to show me, please write me / tag me on Twitter, or write me an E-Mail at hatogegames@gmail.com :)


Follow me on BlueSky to stay up to date with new games that I'm working on :) 

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(407 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withRPG Maker
TagsComedy, Gay, Horror, Lesbian, Multiple Endings, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, yandere, Yaoi


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Walkthrough.txt 3 kB
MistrickWIN.zip 195 MB
MistrickDeutschWIN.zip 331 MB
MistrickLINUX.zip 236 MB
mistrickRU.rar 184 MB
Mistrick (Traducción al Español).zip 330 MB

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Hi, for some reason the game doesn't seem to be probably sized in neither windows or web version. It is out of frame. Is there a way I could fix this?






I must say, this is one of the best and more entertaining games i've ever played. Like, everything about it was just perfect; The music, the animations, the characters and its design, all that made this something I would definitely play again and again. At first, I wasn't quite sure about playing it (I lost plenty of times and i'm not-so patient), but it was extremely worth it. 

I loved it!!! 10/10 <3



(1 edit) (+1)

loved the atmosphere of this game! i was just curious about what the main title music was?


I love the dissapointed expression that Chase had in the 3rd ending


Wait...why is this my favorite game....Like there is no game that is actually ME but this...this is some shizz right here

i dont like visual novels…… but i like this game


if one more thing tries to kill me i am going to go absolutely bonkers


This game was freakin' delightful. I loved that we got a chance to see what happened to John after Misfiction (and I loved even more that he basically hadn't changed much as a person at all.)

All of the characters were so much fun, too! Each of them had such distinct personalities, and interacting with all of them was hilarious. I really enjoyed how certain interactions led us to/helped us solve certain puzzles too. 

Hell, I really enjoyed the puzzles (especially with how many of them could lead us to the deaths.) And the endings were excellent, too! The third one definitely made me cackle, but even beyond the endings this was just a really fun game to go through. From the weird visuals, to the possibly even weirder characters, to the very wacky deaths... it was an absolute blast!


Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D Your playthroughs are very entertaining to watch as well! 


Of course. You did a great job with this game! 

And thank you! Aaah! I'm glad you enjoy my play throughs ^-^

¡Simplemente buenisimo! y el final 3, lo ame, los personajes son buenisimos, 100/10


Hola alguien sabe como arreglar este problema no e podido jugar porque se come un trozo del texto e intentado de todo pero sigue dando error en el archivo NW.JS ...........ayudaaaaa (TT^TT)

INCREÍBLE. Sencillamente increíble, me ha hecho mucha gracia jugar esta segunda parte, ya que hace tiempo que jugué Misfiction (que ya en su momento me encantó), trama 10/10, personajes 10/10, arte 10/10. Contiene escenas graciosas y además recomiendo jugar los 3 finales, cada uno es mejor que el anterior.


Das war fantastisch. Die Puzzles waren nett, ich konnt alle selbst lösen, mit nur den Hinweisen im Spiel selbst, es war spaßig, zu sehen, wie John den kreativ umkommen kann (etwas Karthasis nach Misfiction), und das dritte Ende war ja wirklich zum Schmunzeln. Toller Zeichenstil, schön gewählte Musik, und der tolle Schreibstil bleibt. Claires Dialog brachte insbesonders ein Lächeln auf's Gesicht. Schönes kurzes Game.

de 40-60 min !?

llevo aqui 3 horas y no se como putas hacer tinta !!!!:(  

ya sabes como hacer tinta?:(


Resumen del juego: El estafador resulto estafado.jpg

Pero dios jajajaja, ame el juego, me encanta que sea tipo una secuela y aun así el personaje no perdiera la esencia que tenía en en el primer juego. Gracias ♥



im sorru ur comment made me laugh because of the photo😭


SO SILLY AND SO CUTE!!! I loved it sm, gotta be the best browser available game on itch!!


This is one of the best games I've ever played on this site omgggggg! i was honestly sad when I got the last ending because I didn't want there to not be any more of the game.

oh and random note that rainbow bird is really cool looking

Good game, love it. :D

I'm having trouble with the 3rd ending, i have 13 deaths but i can't open the door :/

Is there a specific way of opening it?

'cause i'm clicking on it with spacebar and i have tried clicking with my mouse but it's not working, help pls :((((

I have died to Chase soooo many times I wanna cry my self to sleep.

I'm gonna watch a few walkthroughs  tomorrow, i'm tiered of Chases face for today. >:(

Gonna keep you updated tomorrow. :D

(2 edits) (+1)

I lied, i did it.


 I feel stupid. :C

It's a good game 15/10

My stream got muted during the intro of the game for "The Ragtime Dance" - Scott Joplin", otherwise love this game! :3


i love how john charmed chase instead of the other way around.... the couples in this game is amazing




Bro this was amazing the ending 3 plot was amazing so was the character design and story telling, I actually think that this is the best game I've ever played <3 


Encontré este juego de pura casualidad y quedé ENAMORADA, dios, es tan bueno que me lo jugué muchas veces más y seguí sintiendo las mismas emociones de cuando lo jugué por primera vez, realmente amé todo, fue algo corto pero la marca que dejó en mi no se va a borrar(Me vi en la necesidad de recomendar el juego, no pude evitarlo, me fascinó)♡♡

OOOooooohhh is that Danny Elfman music i smell?


oh im obsessed w this wtf this is the game ever


end 3 has the best plot ever!


Great game!! the characters were so fun!

think i found a bug
after i died and went to the load save screen, I accidentally pressed x instead of z which closed the load screen... and I cant open it again


quick page refresh fixed it, but i still think that it should be fixed..

also, when you give the storytree the wrong book, you are still able to move around, for a short time before the game over screen appears
if you leave the room in that short time the load save screen doesn't show up


ending 3 is so cute omg

I love this so much!


After a solid hour and a half, I just have to applaud you. This game certainly was a strange but wonderful experience. With such a powerful first impression, I might as well give my follow. While self narrating, I also gave John a dead monotone voice which added to my enjoyment factor.


very good very nice


great game

john got what he deserved (i hated all the chase sequences in misfiction so much)

love the intro, very funny

also love how rika was in a closet and wouldnt come out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Really love the rpg and the fact I really went for every deaths in my first gameplay xD Will play your other rpgs, I got myself obsess playing it after all-



Hi Hatoge! Thank you for your work! I do have a question - After unlocking both endings and all 13 deaths (went over all of them again :..) I can not see the door. I have looked at the walkthrough too. Is there a solution I'm missing? Thank you!

Hello Hatoge! Do you have the playlist or the name of the Mistrick OST? I'm addicted and I play the game just to listen (Which I finished in 3 days)



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